Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why Sick?

Have quite a long time done really post what I want. But I am on the way of recovering from my sickness. And today, I shall make a blog post before I lost all my Blog Reader.

Sometimes I wonder why people have to be sick. Can’t we stay healthy from birth to death? What caused people to be sick. Why sometimes when people sick, it will lead to the person to the graveyard?

Yea, this stupid YK is asking a lot of stupid question now….but I really want to know why.

Maybe because I am often sick with high fever, cold, plus something I hate the most, “bone cold”. And mind you, it is not a good feeling okay? Especially “bone cold” where I can’t even move, my bone is feeling cold as if this hot Singapore is having snow. Sometimes I got no choice to roll on the floor try to be more comfortable with the “bone cold”. (Truest me, it will help, I am an expert for “bone cold”) But still nothing is better than healthy.

Maybe I am a guy who work too much, a guy who this and that also want to care, a guy who everything said “OK!” when people need my help, that’s why I am a guy who always sick!

Talking about sick, when you sick you go and see doctor right? (Not for me, YK sick stay in room and let it recover by itself) Sometimes I wonder do your really believe doctor words or not? Do your really do what doctor says? That doesn’t mean if doctor ask you to die, you really go to die. Doctor doesn’t say such words, okay? I mean if they ask you to rest, do you really rest? I dare to bet that your do not carry out what they said. If your do, I chop down my head and let your sit! Why I so sure, because I am one of them who don’t listen to doctors. We got our work, our family to take care of, where got time to rest?!? That’s why we don’t really listen to doctor advises. By the way, mom said do more work sick will recover faster. Maybe its true, your can go and try it our. I did more work by reading more blog…Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ok, I know this post doesn’t make any sense at all, but can you see the date? Today is 27 of October, and I had been spending days typing this entry. And sick people can’t think too much, so here is my sorry. Posting a entry that make some sense soon, really soon. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry….

Singapore don’t have law that when Blogger blog something that is senseless, they have to go to jail one right? I scare Singapore got all those funny laws. So if have, please, please don’t call police, Okay?

(Last paragraph is just for joking use only… -_-)


wah u sure u wan to noe y u sick? i can answer u like how those think think bio books in national library can tell you man!
but i choose to 麻雀化 and 简单化. haha!

u sick cos u kena virus invasion, then then ur warrior cells muz fight back, then then ur warrior cell and ur virus cell die, then u got dead cells flowing out with ur mucus, ur head kena fever, ur bone pain, and etc and etc and etc lar.

if u dun get sick when virus invades, u die earlier. hah!

i think hor, later if ur blog entry got many ppl debate, then ar, they wan to cause riot, then ar, police will catch u see uncle judge.

By Blogger 壁虎, at October 28, 2005 1:09 PM  

Wah....壁虎, you very pro....

By Blogger YK, at October 28, 2005 9:20 PM  

LoLoL~~~ sch learn wan lar

By Blogger 壁虎, at October 29, 2005 12:46 AM  

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