Monday, October 31, 2005

Rojak Post

Better don't read this...I scare yor don't come again...

Actually I wanted to talk about new name of Internet, but I moved it to the new blog. Then wanted to blog about my blogging feeling, but I think I ended up writing very sad way. So I stopped it. So what am I going to blog???!! I really don’t know. I moved everything to the new blog. Die, latter nobody come to my blog and read how???

So here, I would like to cognate Lizard got tomorrowed again. Why???? Why people around me got tomorrowed but I haven’t, never mind I will work harder in new blog to get tomorrowed. Ha! Ha!

Next, I would like to thanks all my blog reader, your had made me happiest man in the world. I mean, this blog is the only blog that has a lot of people reading the blog. And 95% of the blog reader are people who I don’t know them in real world or some even not online! Thank you for reading. I know this few days from the exam period my blog post isn’t nice anymore but I promises, in new blog, normal blogging will be back! Please, support…If not very dry also not very nice.

Before ending this post (I really got no idea what to blog…please forgive me…), I want to sound everyone that in new blog, it will not be 100% Chinese. There will be a translated version also (Translated by me). So don’t worry too much if you don’t understand Chinese, Okay? From what I know, 40% of the reader here is non-Malay, latter I lost this 40% how? So don’t worry, Bilingual Blogger leh…BILINGUAL…it means equal standard of both language.

Ok, I know this post like rojak like that. Mixed together, but new blog will server a better blogging, and your as a reader will not only just reader, but also doing something. So please take part.

Going to said goodbye to this Blog, the next blog will if you direction of how to go to the next blog...Sad...Sad... :(

What the hell I am posting???!!!