Monday, October 31, 2005

Rojak Post

Better don't read this...I scare yor don't come again...

Actually I wanted to talk about new name of Internet, but I moved it to the new blog. Then wanted to blog about my blogging feeling, but I think I ended up writing very sad way. So I stopped it. So what am I going to blog???!! I really don’t know. I moved everything to the new blog. Die, latter nobody come to my blog and read how???

So here, I would like to cognate Lizard got tomorrowed again. Why???? Why people around me got tomorrowed but I haven’t, never mind I will work harder in new blog to get tomorrowed. Ha! Ha!

Next, I would like to thanks all my blog reader, your had made me happiest man in the world. I mean, this blog is the only blog that has a lot of people reading the blog. And 95% of the blog reader are people who I don’t know them in real world or some even not online! Thank you for reading. I know this few days from the exam period my blog post isn’t nice anymore but I promises, in new blog, normal blogging will be back! Please, support…If not very dry also not very nice.

Before ending this post (I really got no idea what to blog…please forgive me…), I want to sound everyone that in new blog, it will not be 100% Chinese. There will be a translated version also (Translated by me). So don’t worry too much if you don’t understand Chinese, Okay? From what I know, 40% of the reader here is non-Malay, latter I lost this 40% how? So don’t worry, Bilingual Blogger leh…BILINGUAL…it means equal standard of both language.

Ok, I know this post like rojak like that. Mixed together, but new blog will server a better blogging, and your as a reader will not only just reader, but also doing something. So please take part.

Going to said goodbye to this Blog, the next blog will if you direction of how to go to the next blog...Sad...Sad... :(

What the hell I am posting???!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Moving House...

“Bilingual Blogger”, when Lizard introduce me this big word “Bilingual”, I though it is Biling ual, two separated words. *sigh* want to blame, blame on my low standard of English. I never saw this big word before.

So yeah, I will be a Bilingual Blogger soon, a new blog will be up soon, a new life, a new journey will start. I can’t totally be change to Chinese Blogger because it will not fit the purpose of me stating a blog in the first place. And also, I can’t be a total English Blogger because my Chinese standard will drop. And also, Sam (A teacher I know online) said I can improve my English by translating Chinese to English, provided using the right word. I am now using thousands, millions of ways to improve my English. I hope “Bilingual Blogger” way will help to improve my both language, especially English.

In the new blog, I might even sing (Yes, but not confirm yet.), story for your pressure and etc. A lot of things will be there for your, me blog, your participate by doing what you should do(tag...). Please, your have to participate if not my “Bilingual Blogger” way will be very dry. Please, take part, have fun!

But before leaving this blog, this blog brings me a lot of memory. This blog at first is a blog that wrote down what happen in my school and serve as a website with study notes and etc. Then after people had told me that it’s very dry, so I ended up posting things in my own fun ways which got quite of a lot positive feedback. I must thanks to people who had helped me to make this blog not dry at all and people had been tagging, leaving comment in my blog. I am not famous Blogger like Mr. Brown or XiaXue, but those little comments and tags had already made me feel that I am already a successful Blogger. And of course, this is the blog where a lot of people tagging (from the starting of writing blog in my own fun way.) and not like other pass blog, yongkian and skyblueyk. Thanks everyone, If not your, there is no today’s YK… (What kind of English is that??!!)

Bilingual Finger is schedule to open on 1 November 2005, by that time your really must read my blog more often and tag more often also. The new blog will support Chinese tag-board, using UTF-8 encoding.

New Bilingual Finger Template

Thanks everyone

Thanks for everyone concern, advises, etc, etc. I am feeling better now and start to study my next year work.

My problem now is having eye problem, that had caused me can’t see properly. When I have my eye check on Friday, no matter what, I can’t read the last few lines of the number. Doctor said no matter what powerful lens they give me I also cannot read, and it caused by my problem. If this continues, at about age 18, I will go blind.

So this eye problem is actually caused by my bad habit. Lack of sleep, read books by lying on bed, sometime sleep with contact lens on my eye is some of the causes for my eye problem. Image everyday I only have about 2 to 4 hours of sleep and have to wake up early to go to school, and sometimes I can study half way and went doze with my contact lens on. So those are some of the reason. Now the doctor advice is that they will make a spectacle for me that will only be ready on Wednesday(yea, still have a long time to go), and for the time being don’t wear contact lens until my eyes are fully recover. There are chances of recovery by itself, but it depends on my luck, and of cause stops my bad habit of my eyes now. It may still continue to get worst and one day I will be walking with a stick.

Don’t worry guys, I keep telling myself that it can recover, so do your. Okay? We never know, next time when I go back for checkup, the doctor said “Em…your eyes are nothing wrong now.”

Here would like to thanks JC, Meiqi, Zhengui, AJ, QingHui. sesamii, Ning, my mom, my dad, and of course Lizard who give me a lot of help during the pass few days. I am feeling alright now. Let’s hope, that everything will goes smooth, and alright.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blind at 18

Actually today I want to blog about last day of school. I even planed what to blog about while I was on the way home. I went for a check up after school and something horrible there. It is horrible, shocking in my life.

As you can see the title of the blog entry, “Blind at 18”. This is something I want to said, I need to said, but really don’t dare to release my feeling in real life. I am going blind at age 18. This is what the doctor told me. I almost cried on that spot, my heart is nearly broken. How can this happen to me?

How this does not happen to others? I am still young; I still got a lot of things to do. How can I g bind? Why it is so unfair to me? I am now trying to do the best, but why I am going blind? Why when I going to see the result of my hard work, I got this type of problem? Why? Why? Why?

I didn’t say anything at that spot, just listen to what doctor said and carry out as follow. I know I did say that I don’t really believe doctors words. But I really don’t know what to do; my mind is at a blank. After leaving the place, I still didn’t say any words, went to a bakery shop, look at the cakes, the bread. Tying to remember how they look like, just in case I can’t see all those things again forever. I really don’t know what to do, I am really feel lost now. I wonder how I am going to get out of this maze, and will the sunlight is always there for me to see.

I have been told myself “there is always hope. Doctor even said that sometimes this can recover by itself. I might be one of those people.” But will those words come true? I really have no idea how much time do I have left to see things around me. After I blind, will I still remember those things I saw, will I dieing to see those items again? I really don’t know, I am really in a lost.

I feel better now; maybe blog is a way of me pouring my feeling. I wonder how my parents feel now. No matter what, life still have to goes on, I really must take the remaining time to see what I want to see for example the “Great Wall Of China”. I got to sleep now, hope to see the sunshine again tomorrow….

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why Sick?

Have quite a long time done really post what I want. But I am on the way of recovering from my sickness. And today, I shall make a blog post before I lost all my Blog Reader.

Sometimes I wonder why people have to be sick. Can’t we stay healthy from birth to death? What caused people to be sick. Why sometimes when people sick, it will lead to the person to the graveyard?

Yea, this stupid YK is asking a lot of stupid question now….but I really want to know why.

Maybe because I am often sick with high fever, cold, plus something I hate the most, “bone cold”. And mind you, it is not a good feeling okay? Especially “bone cold” where I can’t even move, my bone is feeling cold as if this hot Singapore is having snow. Sometimes I got no choice to roll on the floor try to be more comfortable with the “bone cold”. (Truest me, it will help, I am an expert for “bone cold”) But still nothing is better than healthy.

Maybe I am a guy who work too much, a guy who this and that also want to care, a guy who everything said “OK!” when people need my help, that’s why I am a guy who always sick!

Talking about sick, when you sick you go and see doctor right? (Not for me, YK sick stay in room and let it recover by itself) Sometimes I wonder do your really believe doctor words or not? Do your really do what doctor says? That doesn’t mean if doctor ask you to die, you really go to die. Doctor doesn’t say such words, okay? I mean if they ask you to rest, do you really rest? I dare to bet that your do not carry out what they said. If your do, I chop down my head and let your sit! Why I so sure, because I am one of them who don’t listen to doctors. We got our work, our family to take care of, where got time to rest?!? That’s why we don’t really listen to doctor advises. By the way, mom said do more work sick will recover faster. Maybe its true, your can go and try it our. I did more work by reading more blog…Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ok, I know this post doesn’t make any sense at all, but can you see the date? Today is 27 of October, and I had been spending days typing this entry. And sick people can’t think too much, so here is my sorry. Posting a entry that make some sense soon, really soon. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry….

Singapore don’t have law that when Blogger blog something that is senseless, they have to go to jail one right? I scare Singapore got all those funny laws. So if have, please, please don’t call police, Okay?

(Last paragraph is just for joking use only… -_-)

Blog Tomorrow...

Tomorrow blog can? I too sick, and tomorrow still got school. Sorry, Sorry. Please accept my apology, will reply your message in tag board by tomorrow.

Sunday, October 23, 2005

Rest do't look like resting...

Sometimes, holiday don’t sound a holiday for me, rest only will give more work to me.

My condition had gone worst, and I don’t think any of my family members know I am sick. They had order me to do thousand of things today, which make me sicker.

“kor kor (brother) help me mark this math book.”
“kor kor, how to spell “very”?”
“kor kor, help me to tidy my table can? I want to watch tv.”
“ah jian, tomorrow I need to tidy the house, help me to sweep the floor first.”
“Ah jian, throw those stuff that no need. Can sell then sell, can give then give. Don’t waste, by tomorrow morning I want so do it now.”

Those dusty things had made me worst, from a normal cold to now:

  • Chest pain
  • Cough
  • Muscle clam
  • Nose block
  • Headache
  • Backbone pain
  • Bone cold

And I hate headache! Know what? When I cook something for my sister and brother, my head suddenly have extreme pain that I had to close my eyes, knell down, hand over my head and shout with pain. Mom said “要死不死,不知道你在做么。” (want to die don’t want to die like that; don’t know what you are doing.)Can’t she see I am sick? When other people are sick, they see doctor, they rest. But me, I do house chords work, no seeing of doctor. Worst thing, no more medicine at home, all medicine had finished last night. What am I going to do??? I don’t even know how I am going to survive tomorrow.

Now, need to tidy my room. Hope tomorrow still has the strength to blog. I now even have problem holding a cup of water. Bye bye…

Saturday, October 22, 2005






Friday, October 21, 2005

My brain going to chao ta...

[Picture shows 40.0ºC]
If my body temperature continues to be so high, I scare my brain will chao ta (Burn).

Don’t worry lah, tomorrow will still go to school, because must check marks mah. Ok, got to rest. Hope YK tomorrow wake up the brain is not chao ta at all.

Thursday, October 20, 2005

The rest....


Math Paper 1 – 34/60
Math Paper 2 – 23/40
Total for Math – 57/100


Chinese listening – 20/20
Chinese Oral – 33/40
Chinese Paper 1 – Not allow to tell others, order by teachers.
Chinese Paper 2 – 38.5/70
Chinese total – Not allow to tell others, order by teachers.


Accounts Paper 1 – 32/40
Accounts Paper 2 – 43.5/60
Total for accounts – 75.5/100

For Chinese Paper, there is some things that cannot said in blog, sorry. But will talk about it next time.

So, I had passed all my subjects! But not very well done… : (

Wednesday, October 19, 2005

So Far So Good...

Ok, a super boring blog post for your, my result for my End of Year Exam.

So far so good, I didn’t fail any subject so far. But I did fail one of my papers. The following is my result for my papers so far I got.

Combine Science

Biology – 31.5/50
Chemistry – 38.5/50

Total for Combine Science: 70/100

Combine Humanities

History – 28/50
Social Studies – 35/50

Total for Combine Humanities: 63/100


Oral – 26/40
English Paper 1- 38/60

English Paper 2 – 17.5/60
Total English marks: 81.5/160 (50.9/100)

See, I had told your. I am not good in my English. I fail so badly for my paper 2. Thanks to the teachers who add marks here and there for me so that I can pass my English by 0.9 marks. Ha! JC, hope next time when giving out my paper don’t give me that type of look. I will scare and will die because of heart attack. Please, Please, Please.

It is a great surprise for me to get an A1 for Chemistry. For science, it is a difficult subject for me to study because of the science terms and my standard of English wasn’t good. I still have to learn the spelling of those science terms for day to night during the funeral, but it seems everything is worth it. And also must thank to the Biology teacher who gave me 0.5 marks so that I can get A2 for Combine Science.

Ok, stop writing now. Tomorrow will take back the rest of the paper. Here are my predictions:

Math: FAIL
Chinese: FAIL
Accounts: FAIL

Basically, I am going to fail the rest of the paper. Wish me bad good luck.

Casino murder...

People had blogging about Casino when the decision is going to make. It seem to be an old topic, but still worth to blog about in about Casino Control Act.

Casino are opening in Singapore is for a sure thing, Singapore government already stamp on it. No matter how we are unhappy about it, how we think this will bring Singaporeans to gambling habits, we can’t change the decision already.

But I am really glad that Singapore government is trying their best so that when Casino is open, Singaporeans won’t fall deep into gambling. They came out with Casino Control Act and etc, which is a good start. At least we didn’t pay the increased GST to 5% for fun. Government is doing their job in a lot of area, especially Casino areas.

In Casino Control Act, it ill help to prevent “unwelcome” people enter the casino, Singaporean have to loss SD$100 first before entering the casino to try luck and etc. One of the interesting things that attract me is that family members can apply to block their family member entering the Casino. That’s interesting, know why? Because it will increases the murder rate.


Gambler: “Why you apply to block me for entering Casino? I want to go in and try my luck! I can sense that today I can win big money! Why you block me?!?!?!

Wife: “Dear, this is for your own good. If you continue to gamble, we will bankrupt!”

Gambler: “I can really sense that today I can win back all my loss. I can really sense that! Why you always like to block my way of winning money!

Wife: “I am trying to help you here. Look, other woman with you will run with other man. Not like me, still give you chance! I am trying to support this family, can’t you just think?”

Gambler: “Nonsense!”

Wife: “What Nonsense? You said it again! What Nonsense? You tell me. I had already sold all my gold and jewelries! Now everyday we are eating porridge. You now happy is it!?

Gambler: “I told you I can win big money today you don’t believe. Block me for what? Stupid government, come out with this policy for what?”

Wife: “You are a useless and hopeless man!”

Gambler: “You said it again!”


Gambler: “You never die before is it? Said I useless, now I kill you and see I useless or not?”
*run to the kitchen and take a knife.*

Wife: “What are you trying to do?”

Gambler: “Kill You!”

Sound effect: Splash!
Wife: “Ahhhh….”

Other murder case for CID…

So Singapore government should now train more people to handle this type of murder case. I don’t want to see on everyday newspaper this person kill that person because of Casino blocking. This person chops that person into 8 pieces because of Casino blocking and etc. Even
though blocking of person is a good idea, but it is not perfect. However, we can’t expect for a perfect solution, because one of them must surfer since Casino decision is a “Yes”.

Hope after reading my post, people will still dare to block their family from entering the Casino. It is the only way to stop or/and prevent gambling.

Tuesday, October 18, 2005


哈哈哈!Shiaulin“点”到了我!!!第一次有人把meme 傳给我,还是华文的。。。太高兴了。来来来,YK 现在就做meme。

(1) 自家書架上的藏書數量

(2) 現正在看或想看的書
现在想看一本英文书《Charlie and the Chocolate Factory》

最近《Charlie and the Chocolate Factory》被搬到大银幕,作者又是本人喜欢的。所以很想读这一本书。。。

(3) 最後買的一本書

《东滨北原》Victoria Publication Pte Ltd


(4) 你最喜歡的五位作家
    • Roald Dahl
    • R.L Stine
    • E.B White
    • 陈启佑
    • 刘可传

(5) 有特別感想、印象深刻的五本書
    • 《太空怪客》- 不懂作者
    • 《巧克力蛋糕 》- 不懂作者
    • 《Matilda》 – Roald Dahl
    • 《The Nightmare Room》- R.L Stine
    • 《Charlotte’s web》- E.B White

(6) 接下來想傳給以下5個人

    • 壁虎山莊 ™ Geckos' Lair, 一定要做哦。。。可是,你有书吗?
    • 猪女,不知你会不会看到。。。
    • 小心,有空才做。知道你不会很有空去blog.
    • 阿顺正传,虽然去你的blog 不是很久,你也不认识我。不过,还是希望你会做这个meme.
    • Titus’s dairy, 你应该会读很多书吧?希望你会做这个meme.

废话别多说,以上5位老师, 朋友请接招!

Monday, October 17, 2005

Geckoz (Lizard, 壁虎)...kena tomorrow-ed

Congratulations to Geckoz (Lizard, 壁虎) got kena tomorrow-ed! Time flies, didn’t realize that I had visiting your blog for so long. Now even chat with you in MSN, and introduce you Now you kena tomorrow-ed, going to famous in one day, and maybe one day will bring Chinese blog fever. Image…

[translated from Chinese]
Chinese teacher: “Class, to improve your Chinese standard and now blog is so famous, I want all of you to go to Lizard’s blog.
*write on whiteboard:*

Class: Huh? Lizard cans blog one har? I thought Lizard is an animal…

Chinese teacher: Just go to that blog and find out yourself. I am sure your like that blog very much, it include a translator, just in case your don’t have Chinese basic.

Class: oh…

After the school bell rang, the whole class rush home, no going out with friends until they find out what the hack Lizard blog is. Why Lizard can blog….

In a girl home…
Girl 1: Ahhhh!!!!
*Quickly close lizard’s blog because there is one big Lizard each at both sides…*

In other girl home…
Girl 2: Wah…that Lizard so handsome, don’t know pretty girl like me take lift with him, he will talk to me or not. Will he ask which floor I am going or not…Wah…so handsome, want his number now.
*from that on, that girl Chinese improve, because everyday read Lizard’s Blog. Because Lizard is handsome mah…want to get number must read blog first*

In a boy home…
Boy: Wah…that Lizard still knows how to talk about pretty girls sia…don’t know got tips to give me or not…I want to date the girl next class leh.

*from that on, that boy improve his Chinese because of reading Lizard’s blog. Why read Lizard’s blog? Because want to get tips of getting pretty girls on hand.*

So if people in Singapore read Lizard’s blog, there will be 3 results. One is quickly close that window because scare of Lizard, or maybe even faint. Or maybe read his blog and improve the Chinese, know this handsome guy, or want to get to know how to get pretty girls. Ha! Ha!

Hope Lizard doesn’t sue me because of this blog post…

Lift Idea generated from his Chinese tag-board & this post

Sunday, October 16, 2005

To the class and poster

I had tried not to blog about school and exams, but I can’t hold it anymore. I need to release it, I really have to…

I think I am going to retain, going to have one more year of Secondary 3 life. I can’t do the paper. I don’t know why. I did my work; I revise my work, why can’t I do the paper? Why am I such a failure when others around me can do much better than me? Why people around me are so clever when I am so stupid? Why I always met different kinds of difficulties when other people don’t have much? Why, can anyone answer me?

Things I aimed I didn’t get, why? Why I have this weird feeling during exam? Why the things I d can’t be perfect…

If the heaven don’t want me to get the things I want, why let me continue my life in this world? I am a useless to this world, the world will be much happier without me. I may, give others sadness without me realising. Please, what other things I don’t know, what unhappiness things I had given to others when I though it would help them? Why people think I always harm them when I am helping them? Why can’t they appreciate the things I had done to them. I tried my best to be a nice guy, but what to I get in the end? You want to win me over exam, I helped you along, but why, in the end your treated me so cruel, it is so cruel that I can’t take it anymore. I try to use my tolerance to take it, but after one year, one whole year, I might no longer take it anymore.

In exams, some people will happy some will don’t. I would be happy for those who will be happy for their result and sad together with the unhappy people. I got nothing to said, I can’t be always top in Account, and I admit I can’t do the paper. I might fail the paper. For those who can do the paper and got the answer correct, I will happy for them. Because we study together, we need to be in the same room for other 2 year before we all get separated. I might, sometimes jealous over someone studies, want to aim to win over that person in exams. But is this wrong? I don’t know, but it was set as a goal in exam. But I never challenge anyone; the goal I set is only a secret to me.

I don’t know how badly I will do for my exams, how teacher and other classmate think of me because of this exam. Will teacher scold me? Will I kick out by school? Will I say “Hi” to the Sec 2? Will I…

If one day, I leave this place secretly, next year when they find out that I had leave, will they be happy? Will they open campaign because of it? I guess so…because the class hates me a lot…

On the tag board:
Above post is for you (the poster in the tag-board), and the class.

Suddenly miss Ah Ma(Grandmother), I wonder when can I se her again…

Saturday, October 15, 2005

I don't want to be a girl...

I really don’t want….

Today GeckoZ told me to join pigirl’s website. So since I better nothing to do now then I sign up. The first time using my hotmail but something is wrong that caused me unable to login. So I make a new account using Gmail. I can login, but the problem is during the signup, I put my gander as girl (I didn’t realise until after sign up) so when ever I go to the website, under member online my image will be a girl image…

See name "陈永坚”。

Die, die, die. YK suddenly within seconds becomes a girl in pigirl’s website. How can YK make this mistake? Latter on, YK also realise that under one of the service I sign up online, my name is Miss Tan Yong Kian…

Die, why YK will make this type of mistake? Guys out there, please be EXTRA careful in gender section when filling up forms and etc.

Tuesday, October 11, 2005

今天爆冷门!!!还剩下三天。。。Left 3 days...

Exams will finish!!!

今天的厉史考试爆冷门!!!关于中国历史的题目没有出。。。 哈哈哈!!!很多人因为这样而考试放弃。。。

Monday, October 10, 2005

还剩下四天。。。Left 4 days...

4 day Icon
Exams will finish!!!
Wish YK exam get first.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I feeling like crying now...

Why? Because I can’t find my school green file which contains my History and Social Studies work for this year. I can’t find it! I can’t find it!

All my one whole year work is gone; I don’t even know did I leave it in funeral. Or is it I leave it in school, or is it I have rented my file to someone else? Or maybe is it still in my room but I still can’t find it?

Moral of my real life case, don’t bring your whole room to funeral, you really have no time to study there. I brought a lot of things to study there. During at night when everyone is sleeping, I will be sitting besides the coffin studying and type my notes. But beside at night, I don’t have the chance to study because of the visitors.

Now, where is my green file? How I study my Social Studies paper on Monday? I got all my notes in other file, but I can’t get a chance to see where my mistake is hen I do my daily work!

I got no choice but to turn my room upside down:

10% of my room turning upside down…

Just don’t post the 100% completed photo, because you can see my underwear lying all over the places…

Die lah, still cannot find my file. Be prepare to tell YK this:
“Good for you, YK. You are retaining one more year.”

[P.S: Sorry Seri, I didn’t invite you to turn my room upside down even though you want to.]

Saturday, October 08, 2005

Dengue Catching

I suddenly feel that I am the world’s most outdated person.

During the funeral, I got to know a lot of thing and got myself 10% updated. The most interesting content that got updated into my brain is ‘Dengue Catching’

This game is just like the normal catching we all play during our childhood. We have one Aedes mosquito (The Catcher), 2 doctor and of course players. The Aedes mosquito can bit (catch) anyone including the doctors and once caught, the person will down with Dengue Fever. It is the job of the doctor to save as many as they could before both doctor down with Dengue Fever, which is the end of the game.

Eh…I don’t know from a normal catching can turn into ‘Dengue Catching’. This shows how much our next generation care about the nation. And hor, Whoever came out with this every creative.

Got to sleep liao, I want to play ‘Dengue Catching’ in my dream.

Friday, October 07, 2005

: (

Sorry for lack of update, recently busy with funeral.

My grandmother had gone to other world on last Sunday. Today (Thursday, 06/10/2005), we had crematory the body. I suddenly miss her a lot; a lot, a lot…I wonder do we still have a chance to meet again…