Friday, September 30, 2005

School Theme

Recently some teachers and non-staff people in the school told me that I look stress. Maybe because of exams, how can I not stress about it? It is Promotion exam!!! Not normal exam, it determines I go to the next level or retain for one year…

Because of exam, I make everything in my room, laptop to become ‘school theme’. Because I can only study when I see the school building… And maybe because of the following, it makes me more stress, which is a good thing.

My desktop wallpaper, my School building.

While I am not using the computer, the screen will be like this.

Click here to see the video.

I download that from school website. Ha! Ha! No lah, it just that I think it will help in my studies, not because I can only study when I am in school environment.

P.S: I am still on away. This blog post doesn’t make any sense, it just for fun to relax myself from studying. Wish everyone all the best in their studies!

Tuesday, September 27, 2005

School VS Blog

5 JC girls got into trouble because of blogging, sad, sad. They got suspended for 3 days and this gives me memory of what happen last year.

Last year we got a new DM and OM; this 2 guy got listed to Junyuan Secondary School 2004 top 2 hated people. [No lah, this thing thinks by me one, but students really hate him a lot] YK, together with other Sec 2 student writes letters to MOE about what they did in our school and etc. One of our most hate methods they used to deal with people who did not go for detention class is to take their shoes and want them to bare footed for the whole day and will only get their shoes back when they go for the DC. And yup, this is one of the points we wrote in the letters.

Just during Mid-Year exams, the school called me because of this [they got replied from MOE mah] and had some how interrupt my exams at that time. Because of the letter, the school when online to ‘dig out’ whatever the student wrote things that are bad for the school so one of ‘rubbish’ they found was friendster when there is someone using my name, my school personal photo and put comments in friendster.

I got called again. Even though I keep saying I am not the one who posts it, I didn’t even log in the friendster account for long time. So I believe my account got hacked. I am the person who went online to blog and read news, nothing else, really. That time create friendster account because of Meiqi who keep asking me to create account and write something for her. And only few people know about my account. But the school don’t believe and said if I don’t admit it, they will call police. They even somehow printed the page and show it to my family member. [I don’t get the chance to see the online version one leh] So in the end, I got BETA recorded, bad conduct recorded, and 2 stroke of canning and almost got kicked out of school (but teachers said good words about me, if not YK might not be studying now). And until now, I still don’t know who is the one who got into my account and write bad things about the school. Somehow or rather after sometime, I can login to friendster account. But nothing as what the school found can be found online. Maybe people delete it.

This year, got one teacher came and asked me ‘last year you post online writing bad thing about the school and write letters to MOE har?’ I was like how she knows about it when she is sort of a new teacher. And latter on, I found out that even the case as been in history for one year, staff room people still talk about it. [The teacher told me about it]

Sam, a teacher who is still with his class ‘blog project’ says that he doesn’t really mind if his students post bad things about him. It makes him have a better understanding what his student think of him so that he can improve himself. [Sam, you very open minded leh…] However, when his principal found out, he request Sam to stop the project in order to prevent students writing bad things about the school.

So maybe, next time the school rule book should include “No student are allow to post any bad things online (including blog, forum) about the school to spoil the school reputation” and the school and MOE should ask the teacher not to encourage student to write blog etc, etc. Why the school care about their school reputation and had forgotten about the student’s view? *sigh* as what Sam said, school and teachers have the right to control what the student is doing…

Sunday, September 25, 2005


Dear MyEDUmail User,
Information Technology Branch (ITB) will be launching the User Satisfaction Survey on MyEDUmail e-mail services on 26 September 2005 to 21 October 2005.

Your feedback is important to us in improving our services to you. Hence, please participate in the survey early and be prepared to win attractive prizes!

Thank you.

If I am not wrong, MyEDUmail e-mail is email service for teachers or MOE. If I am correct, I got other reason why I should be a teacher when I grow up. The reason is: “I can win attractive prizes when I participates the E-mail survey. I will have a higher chance of winning because all teachers are busy man and woman.

Saturday, September 24, 2005

Bye Bye...See you.

I will be on semi-hiatus from the internet because I need to study for exams till October 14. Sorry that I haven’t read your blog recently and only knows how to talk rubbish in my blog. Hope you don’t mind at all. : ) in the mean well, I will post short posts with photos or just take quiz and post the result here. I should be back to the Internet world right after my exams and get something for my blog, [only lizard knows what it is]. Bye Bye...

-Mr. YK

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dentist, Love, Cockroach - Dentist

Dentist, Love, Cockroach…what can you think of when you see this three words together? Of course not “Dentist love cockroach”, there will be a chaos when Dentist love cockroach. Image Dentist keeps cockroach as “pet” in there workplace and you never know when you open your mother mouth for teeth washing, the cockroach fly into your mouth…

So what the hell “Dentist, Love, Cockroach” is? What the heck is it? Well, it is…it is just the top 3 things I hate the most. Each of it have different story to tell, and today the main topic will be dentist.

Why am I so scare dentist? Well, let’s bring the history back to YK is Primary 1 kid.

At that time, four of my front teeth having some problem, there were four permanent teeth growing each behind every front tooth. Mama brought me to the school dentist during school recess time, and guess what the Nurse said? “Your child has to remove the four front teeth.” Die lah…that time small little YK still don’t know anything and though extract the teeth sound very fun. So YK lie on the “bed” and the nurse start the “operation”.

The “operation” isn’t a pleasant one. Firstly, my four front teeth weren’t shaky at all. So what the nurse did was to inject something between my teeth and the gums. Damn it! It is painful okay? When YK saw the nurse holding the injection YK started crying like saw a ghost like that. Ha! But the nurse manages to give the injection even though YK’s mouth was tightly seal because YK scares of the pain. From that on, YK scares to go to the school dentist again…

On Monday, I was called by the dentist for dental checkup. Form the past; YK always got a female dentist or a female nurse to do the dental job. But for this year, YK first time ever got a male dentist to so teeth cleaning for me and extracts the very last baby tooth for me!

Actually, I was scared when the whole session stared. No, I should say when I stepped into the workplace of the dentist; my heart is jumping out from my mouth. Because the dentist is clean his operation equipment.

Now days dentists do get a very cute and nice workplace, maybe because it will help the dentist to be a bit nice for the whole operation. : )

The workplace is a bit small, but it is fully equipped.

The dentist I got was a good one. I should say the best even dentist I ever got. He will make us know whatever he is doing. Not like what I got in the pass, the dentist just happily clean your teeth until it prolonged bleeding also don’t care.

He, also not like other female dentist or nurse, clean the teeth as if cleaning … all I want to said is this dentist clean teeth until…you don’t feel it at all.

The dentist helper is the one who will kill all germs and etc for used operation equipment. That dentist helper quite pretty, ha! Wish I could take a picture of her wearing a dress.

The dentist did teach us how to brush our teeth correctly. Mind you, nobody teach me how to brush teeth until that day. I doesn’t know that you have to brush the behind part of the teeth. Now YK should brush the teeth in correct way and brush all the area that needed.

So, if you brush your teeth correctly, you will get a healthier smile.

The place where YK used to hate the most, the operation area.

Before YK enter the operation area, YK wear a dentist “sun glasses” to make me handsome a bit so the dentist will clean my teeth without vomiting because of ugly YK’s face.

After the operation complete, YK’s last baby tooth had extracted and the permanent tooth is growing… But I will miss my last Baby tooth.

The dentist gave me a kit and instruction on what to do and what not to do after the tooth got extracted. And also, I got a free pack of gauze.

Now, I no longer afraid for going to the dentist, in fact I am excited to visit the dentist again next time and got all my teeth extracted….

Thank to: The dentist and the dentist helper who allow me to take photos. Wei Jian for the ‘model’ in the dental checking. And also 壁虎, for answer some of the English words that I don’t know how to phrase it in the post.

Monday, September 19, 2005

Blogging way...

壁虎 said that I am a weird Blogger, so I will go on and use my weird Blogger way…

So, here you are. The following are the blog post topic that is planned on YKWorkPlace:

Dentist, Love, Cockroach.


The iConnenXion
And something for mature reader:

[M18 (Mature 18, for reader above 18 only)]: The horny post

That’s my Blogging way, a unique blogging way, a very weird blogging style… Every thing planned long long time ago. Ha! Ha!

What can I said about this Picture???

Few WEEKS ago while I turn into Blog Hopper again, I saw this picture:

Click here to read more.

Can't even spell properly like me; still want to give tuition like me. Sure one day will get laugh by the student. Ha!

By the way, when you saw those ads on the pillar, would you even care to read every word before you take the phone number, or you just saw “tuition” then you just take the number? Or maybe, just don’t even bother to read at all?

Friday, September 16, 2005

Financial Assistant

This is a true life story happen in Singapore, in a small corner in the East.

YK small talk: I will try to use what I had learnt in class, not to be in bias in this content. I had collect information, story from the two parties. If you still find it bias, then you as well get a gun and shoot me, because I am not fit to take History and Social Studies paper because of the sources.

As everybody in Singapore knows, from 1 July 2005, Bus and MRT fares will increase. Eh… it already increased. During that time, organisation and some government department stand up to help those people with financial problem and will get affected because of this increasing of fares.

By Mr. Brown

So there are two families who both of them know each other very well, went to People's Association to fill up the Financial Help for Increase of Fares form and submit it. Two families hope that they will give help by the PA.

After typing for so long, you might wonder how much is their income, why they need to ask for assistant. So now I should gives you’re their income details. Don’t jump to conclusion yet after reading their income.

Click to enlarge the pictures and see the details.

Family A

  • Father work as an air con repairer earning less than $2,000 per month.
  • Mother work as part time maid, trying to help the family earning about $300+ for the family every month.

Financial History:

  • Strike lottery before but paid to debtors (Insurance Company)
  • Few years ago, elder son was sick and went operation, get a loan from Insurance Company. Currently owning over $300,000 + including interest.

From that on, family went into financial problem.

Family B

  • Father work as a product seller, basic salary is $600. However because he sold his product to supermarkets and etc, he earning over $4,000 +, document state, however only $600.
  • Mother work as a Tutor at home. She is quite famous around the place she lives. Sometimes people will drive and send their child to her place and have tuition because the entire student she taught has a big improvement in Chinese langue. Monthly income is about $4,000 +

Financial History:

  • Prefer not to say.
  • However, their two sons who study in Duman High School need to pay very high fee, more information will provide in the source latter.

Above Financial information is provide by the two parties by themselves.

YK Wonder: So if you are the person deciding who will get the assistant, and you left with one assistant, who will it give it to?

After a month, Family B receive PA’s letter saying that they got the Financial Assistant from them. However, Family A did not receive any letter till now.

And somehow or rather, during a conversation after Family B got the Financial Assistant and not Family A, when they talks, Family B find Family A is angry at them. This caused the two parties not happy.

YK Wonder: Will you angry over someone who got Financial Assistant because you don’t get the Financial Assistant when you need it?
So I asked two families their problem and etc. Here is what I got:

Source A, From Family A:
Yah lah, I do agree that I am not so happy about this. But I also don’t want this to happen. Friends should not because of smaller things and get angry. I know I am wrong first but I think they shouldn’t apply because they got the money. People like us really need the help but we didn’t get. Now our 3 meals also got problem. Ah boy’s pocket money from $3 to $1.50 now, and he isn’t happy about it. And he needs to take 1 stations of MRT everyday to go to school and go home. It’s very difficult for us if this continues. Sometimes I really worry what will happen tomorrow.

Source B, From Family B:

We know we have high income but this will also affect us a bit. You see our children study in Duman High School. Their school
fee not cheap, you think what? Like your government school, cost a few dollars only is it? Their school fee over hundreds and sometimes their school have overseas exchange and they need to go overseas, you think what, not like your school don’t have overseas exchange. When they (overseas student) come to
Singapore they live our house and we need to buys things for them as what the school said. You think study top 5 schools in Singapore very cheap har? Even though we have some money inside our bank got it from lottery few years back, we need to save money so that next time they can go overseas to study university. They cannot use that tone when talking to us right? It is the PA decisions not ours, so they don’t get the Financial Assistant they can’t blame us, must blame the PA. We also got a family to feed one ok?

YK SmallTalk: Please note that there is some edition of Source B because it contains some ‘censored words’. By the way, when I heard
what Family B said, I got a bit of offended; it is as if there is a knife poking my hearts. Who tells YK not to study when he sitting for PSLE? Ha! But I wonder how overseas exchange programme works, fun or not? Overseas people stay in our house sound cool to me. Why our school don’t have?

After everything, someone helped me to ask someone about Financial Assistant thing. And from what I know so far, they don’t look at the loans and etc. They look at how many people in your house, the income from work however they don’t look at ‘extra income’ like part time maid and tutor. It is all base on the document they provided. However, if they provide any incorrect information, they will ask for the return of Financial Assistant they provided.

So now, let’s see. None of them provide incorrect information. Family B clearly stated salary is $600+, all other commission is get it whenever a translation complete. So it will not state in the document. And also for family A, their loans will not be included. This might have overseen everything.

Is everything they provide is the true, or is there other story behind it? Is there being a case whereby the outer shell looks ugly but inside is pearl? Should the Financial Assistant provider change the way they see things and include loans as part of the thing they will look for?

By the way, I read a newspaper article and it stated that some of families even with $700+ income don’t get the Financial Assistant because there is too many people apply it. This shows that Singaporeans ‘can save then save’ idea.

Wednesday, September 14, 2005

Blog for grade!

The blog topic I planned to blog today has not finished all the pre-blog stage. So Maybe, I guess to post something boring. Something got to do with education [I hope so] and blogging.

Recently, Sam told me that he and his student is in a “Blog Project” where by their student will blog every week. And some of the teachers in his school have blog too, just that some of their blog are a great secret from their student. Hey, you never know the most ugly, fierce, boring teacher in the school blog his or her feeling. Sometimes they even make it funny for reader like me.

And also, in my class, we are sort of in a blog project too. We got English blog, everyone in my class create his or her very own blog. Cool eh? But I feel that in my class not much people have these interests of blogging and I had blog over 2 years…

There are several aim teachers wants to archive for student to create blog. First, it will improve their langue. as they key in their life in to this thing call blog. They read their friend blog, they type their on entry of their blog, they thing for their entry. This might help them in Paper 1. Of course, provided langue used are not singlish. Still remember…old time ago, YK blog only has two to three lines. But Now? Talk nonsense in his blog. Ha! But honestly, it does help me in writing story in exam. I mean, I write super long, it is better than less than half a page right?

Second, teachers can know their student better. I had read one of Sam’s student blog. The student said “Mr. Goh lesson so boring, SUX man….” [Mr Goh is Sam][Hope my translation from Singlish to English is correct]. Ha! How dare that student write this when he knows the teacher is reading it? By the way, this helped Sam that someone doesn’t like the lesson, so he got an idea of a new teaching. Eh… interested to know what idea? The idea is let the student form groups and teacher the class. How clever…

For student, when they read their teacher’s blog, it makes the student know how tough to be a teacher is. How sad when they don’t pass up their work and etc, etc. So maybe, I said MAYBE it will make the student pass up the homework, be quite in class….those things are something that will never ever happen.

So I think I had said so much about blogging. Suddenly feel that Blog are like god. Can write personal things, post anything you like [think something else and you will get it] and even improve the langue standard…Wah…

Ok, YK need to challenge riddle again…what the heck is “First Name”?

Monday, September 12, 2005

中 秋 節

中 秋 節 快 到 了,
提 早 送 你 們 每 人 一 盒 月 餅!
里 面 有 四 粒,
吃 第 一 粒 ,
代 表 身 体 健 康!
第 二 粒,
代 表 心 想 事 成,
第 三 粒,
代 表 天 天 快 乐,
第 四 粒,
代 表 永 远 记 得 我 哦!

希 望 大 家 身 体 健 康,心 想 事 成,天 天 快 乐。。。 還 有,還 有,一 定 要 永 远 记 得 我 這 個 Mr。YK 哦!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

Sister, brother & one unnamed baby sister...

I cried so badly while typing this entry so the ending might be sound weird. Maybe I got too much feeling to it? Maybe, I am ok…I guess…
(Due to security reason, I will not post my sister and brother photo that take recently. Instead, I will post a photo that taken a few years back.)

Don’t you think my brother and sister look cute? Yes, my brother has super big eyes and until now I still call him ‘Baby’.

Both of them are about the same size, same weight. Yeah, right. You might say they are twin but they are not. They are born 2 years apart. Just that my sister was born when she is not even 8 month in my mom stomach. But I treated both as my treasure.

When my sister was born, I was taught how to change their clothing and etc. So after two years when my brother was born, I know almost everything.

When my mother went to work night shift for a period, I become ‘baby-sitter’ to take care of both of them, make milk for them and ask them to go to sleep. At that period, I totally lost all my freedom. I rush home quickly after school to take over my mom so my mom can go to work. In the day when I didn’t have to go to school, I need to take care of them still, because my mom needs to sleep in order to work night shift.

From they start learning how to climb to learn how to walk. To they only drink milk, to they start eating “solid-liquid” food to eating normal food. From they learn how to speak; to they know how to call me ‘kor-kor”

From every stage, they bring me to a new stage of life; they make me learn something new, they make me realise something that I don’t even realise in the past. How difficult to bring up a baby to a child. How excited I am every morning to see them jumping, playing, watch them grow everyday.

After two years after my brother. My mom got other sister for me, something I am really very excited of. But unexpected things happen. My new sister was dead…

The two photo

I don’t get to see my sister; I got to know how she looks like through the two photos taken by the hospital. When dad came home from hospital, I knew something went wrong. When dad told me the baby was dead, I pretend nothing happen. But no one knows before, I cried so badly at that night, very badly. One new life, just gone like a wind. I though that baby will give me a new stage of life, but it didn’t. Now I think back, it did actually; it let me know how important and precious life is. How a mother feels when she had lost a child.

I don’t know why I ended up posting this when I not going to. I was thinking of posting something funny, but all this come out from my mind. Maybe next time, I will post a funny version ones….

Friday, September 09, 2005

Blog tomrrow because of fever

I am down with fever, blog tomorrow about my two little devils (My younger sister and brother). Okay?


Edit: Due to the fever haven't gone down and I am so sick, I will post everything by tomrrow night okay? I had upload the photo I will going to show your but I still need to type mah...Sorry, Sorry...I got nothing to said but sorry.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Blog Virus

Recently I had been a “blog hopper” to read other people blog and come across some interesting blog like “壁虎山莊 ™ Geckos' Lair” , “Jason Mumbles” & “Jasper Chen

And also I had come across some blog with VIRUS!!

Yes, nothing goes wrong with your eyes, their blog contain virus. I bet that some of you had heard of service that will host music for you and you just have to copy and paste their Java code right? One of the website that provides this service is iwebmusic.

But those innocent users just innocently copy and paste the code into their blog without knowing that it will harm their visitor [blogder] and their own computer. Yeah, right, they are so innocently do whatever the blog tells them to do.

Copy the code as what it says...
Click to englarge

Now those people are clever people, if you don’t download the thing they want you to download, then you are not allowed to read the blog. Meaning, you must download the virus in order to read the innocent Blogger’s blog.

Steps to install their virus.

So here I have some message for the two parties, one for the Blogger and one for the blogder.

I know your want to have music in your blog but according to Mr. Brown and Mr Miyagi in Singapore Writing Festival, playing songs in your blog is breaking the law. You don’t want to ended up sitting behind the bar eating jail rice right? And also, what happen if your visitor is actually listening to a song while he or she visits your blog? Then two songs will play together but please be mindful, human only got 1 pair of ears, cannot listen two songs at the same time. What the worst thing is you are playing a song that contain virus! It is harmful to you and your visitor, what happen if the virus gets into your and your visitor computer? Then your visitor and your own computer will have a big problem. You are in the wrong in the first place by innocently paste the code given into your blog. Please, please get rid of the code NOW!

I bet that you had come across those blog that contains virus. Maybe you are too excited to read your friend’s blog so just download whatever it says without knowing it is a virus. Or maybe you know that it is a virus but though that it will not harm your in any ways, or maybe you must read your friend’s blog before your sleep, if not your will suffer nightmare dreaming that your friend will scold you if you don’t read their blog. Or maybe, the last maybe is that you like the songs too much that you willing to support the company by download whatever things they want you to download. If you have downloaded those “software” meaning that your computer might already contains virus.

So now, what to do to delete the virus? Your might said “Scan the computer lah, so easy also don’t know.” But people had told me that the normal anti-virus software like Norton Anti-virus can’t delete the virus no matter what. The virus even stops the scanning and restarts the computer by itself when you are scanning the computer. Sometimes even after delete the virus, the virus will still come back to your computer when you on your computer in the next morning. See lah, innocent Blogger fault…

Here YK recommends a virus cleaning software that I have been using to fix other people “blog virus”, Ad-Aware SE Personal edition. This software might help your to get rid most of your virus in your computer including most of the “blog virus”. Click here to go to their download page.

So hope that this post can pass the message to Bloggers and hope that our blogging world will one day become a virus free world!

Also see:
壁虎山莊 ™ Geckos' Lairr - Singapore Writing Festival

YK Update

YK tomorrow will post not funny, but hopefully can pass some massage to some of them. Not now because now it’s late and he needs to sleep! He had set some Primary 1 Math Practice Papers and he is now almost gone crazy. Image he looked over 6 assignment books in order to set some good Math Practice Papers. Want to see his master piece to torture the kids? You can request from him. Okay, stop my nonsense, better stay tune on tomorrow entry, okay? Goodnight, reporter also need to sleep ^_^

- reported by SuperYK.

Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Homework turn into Emergency Exercise?

Math teacher, Miss Tan told us that our September Holiday worksheet will only available this week Monday in school's website. Since then, from Sunday mid-night while typing “The 7th month” post, I keep returning back to check for the homework. I am too excited over the coming homework.

However, I click whatever it will bring me to, turn the website upside down, but still I can’t find my homework. Until today, someone told me the secret link…

We got to click “Emergency Exercise”

Click to enlarge...

What the… How come our homework all ended up in Emergency Exercise?

I remember clearly that “Emergency Exercise” is link to fire trial stuff. Maybe the school is trying to tell us the message. Just like fire trail, you need to get out of the school build ASAP…

Fire trail version: Get out of the building now! It emergency! You will burn to death if you didn’t get out quickly…

Homework version: Do your homework now! It is emergency! You will nag by you teacher if you did not finish ASAP…

That’s the first thing come to my mind. Ha! Ha! Ha! Lame… ^_^’’’

Monday, September 05, 2005

The 7th Month

7th month is over? I don’t think so, it is just the beginning…

We shall play a game now, whoever read this post now, you are in the game and no matter what, you are not allow to quite the game, not at all. YK is playing with your, die everyone dies together. Ok?

First Task- Peek-a-stoop
Peek-a-stoop is one of a way to see a ghost. Now do the following, remember you are not allow to quite the game…

  1. Place some games that children like to play. It can be basketball, or just toy train. It depends on what ghost you are targeting.
  2. ‘Activate’ the game. For example, on the toy train, let it to have sound. Bounce the basketball or something.
  3. Now bend over and look at those toys between your legs. Remember, the toys must be still ‘activate’ when you do the “peek-a-stoop”.

Did you see anything? If no, good for you; you are sill safe to enter the next task. If you see something, you won’t read this message already right? Or maybe you just skip this part because you are now in the Internet World, it is impossible to do that. Now, if you are still safe and sound, lets go to the second task, it happen in Internet World, So you can’t escape…

Second task- The House
You need to finish all room first before coming back to continue reading. Please kindly on your sound system before you play this game. In the game, you need to find a way to go to the next room. It isn’t easy at all. It is possible if you try. If after 30 minutes you are still stuck at one room, means those ‘brother’ and ‘sister’ is doing something in your computer. How to deal with it? It is up to you…

Click here to play the game.

[YK: The ‘thing’ beside me makes noise….]

[YK: It getting louder and louder…]

[YK: its television. :)]

Congratulation! You made it! I made it! Nothing is impossible! We made it! I did the “Peek-a-stoop” but I see nothing! The movie lie to me, said this will work. Aggghhh,,,

And how is the game? I found it on web and decided to host the whole game myself. Fun? Scary? Have fun! Try not to tell others how to enter the next room. Ha! Ha!

Ok, got to sleep, it’s late now. Image I type and play this game during mid night time…scary….

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Teachers Day- Part III - Teacher VS Cher

This will be the last part for “Teachers day”

If you have gone to a secondary school, you should know what ‘Cher’ means.

Cher is a ‘short calling’ of Teacher. I must admit that I am one of them who address teacher as Cher sometimes.

However, I think we must respect the teachers by calling teacher and not Cher right?

Here are some of my funny encounters.

“Cher, can go toile or not?”
“Cher, I don’t know how to do this.”
“Cher, can give tips of the exam or not?”
“Cher, can give me one more mark or not?”

Last by not least…

“Cher, this is for you. Happy Cher Day.”

Sometimes, I wonder how the teacher feels when their ‘job title’ got changed by student. Don’t they feel sad? Don’t they feel angry? Or is it they are used to it?

Then why don’t we call doctor as tor, dentist as tist, Blogger as ger or prefect as fect [pronounce as fat].

Now let’s image…

Now scare or not? Maybe teachers can drag his or her student to one of a fat prefect and force the student to say fat to the prefect…and the student will end up in DC! This might be one of a great solution to stop student calling Cher.

Just kidding, don’t take it took seriously. Ok?


Thursday, September 01, 2005

Teachers Day- Part II - Gifts

As usual, I did buy some teachers day gifts for my teachers.

Even though the mushroom is also consider a teachers day gift by Jie Kun, but I have no idea what happen to the mushroom. He did bring the mushroom yesterday but I don’t know did he really give the mushroom or not. What happen if the teacher receives it? Will she thinks that it is only use for decorate her table never know that there is ‘treasure’ inside the stem?

Whatever it is, it is none of my business. As what ‘I am not stupid’ movie says: “Whatever things don’t bother me is none of my business’ this will eventually save me from lots of trouble.

For my gifts for the teachers, I wrapped it nicely and don’t have crazy ideas on the present for example ‘mushroom’. I didn’t personally pass to them except for my co-form teacher and my humanities teacher, the rest was put on their table.

Talking about teacher’s day gifts, I did receive two present. Ha!


Something I like the most, it’s interesting.
Click here to view the video on how this works. It is AVI format, work in Windows Media Player [Sorry, I know I am not good at video]

Even though I don’t play basketball or soccer, I like it. It brings live to my ‘messy working table’.


I know there is over thousand of people in Singapore got the same present as me. It cost $3.90. Out there in the market there are too many places selling the same thing, “Same thing, and same price.”

In fact, I was wanted to get the ‘interesting thing’ for one of my teachers when I saw it in a bookshop but because of $ problem I ended up buying some cheap things for them.

I was actually quite surprise when they gave me the present. I almost cried, I can feel the water in my eyes, the feeling when I receive the present can’t be described. I wasn’t really their tutor. I am just relieving one of my friend [their tutor] because he is attending a course about teaching and he need to be away and get this chance to let me have a real taste of being a tutor. I just with the kids for about 1 month and today was my last lesson with them.

I think student shouldn’t buy anything to the teachers. The best present that student can give is to do well in their exam and do their daily work assign to them. That will already make the teachers happy.

This might be the first and last gifts; I might not able to go for my dream, to get employed by government to teacher in a secondary school.

It’s not the end yet, I still got some other things to post about teacher’s day…Weird I though I made the post funny but I cried instead…