Wednesday, August 31, 2005

Teachers Day- Part I - Mushroom

I had decided to post a series of teacher and etc.

No, not because I am not so bo liao [nothing better to do] but this year there is quite a lot of funny stuff happing.

Our humanities teacher is our class top hated teacher. Ha! Don’t ask me why. I myself don’t have any idea. I don’t hate any teacher, I am good student, I only hate the principal. Ha! Ha!

A group of Chinese student in our class gave the humanities teacher a Chinese nick name called ‘Mushroom head’. Come on, it doesn’t look like mushroom at all. People had told me that her hair look like mushroom. Come on, why laugh at other people hair. If you have spiky hair, then I call you durian head…will you happy? So everyone, don’t learn what they are doing, giving names for the teachers.

Click here to see our teacher photo. Look for Madam Lee Meng Choo (Subject Head-History), in fact it is the first photo. See? Not like mushroom right?

You might wonder why I talk about the hair. Reason is because Jie kun came out with an idea for teachers day present…

He will give the humanities mushroom related canned food!!! Worst still, it was wrapped like a mushroom also.

The 3 mushroom related canned food

First, we use newspaper to wrap it [because not enough $$$]. The canned food will be the stem of the mushroom

Use the newspaper to be it is the head of the mushroom [again, not enough $$$]

Finally, use coloured paper to paste on top of the newspaper. We can’t give a present wrapped by newspaper right?

Our first master piece by Jie kun… Shit! Not nice…like shit like that…

YK comes for the rescue!!!

YK is trying to save the mushroom…

See, YK so smart. Now look like a mushroom, but the ‘head’ look like bun….

Mushroom on my table. = )

But someone clever than me, see…they are trying their best to make it look like a mushroom.

Ta da! Finally master piece.

Ha! Free food for teacher!

When Sam knew about it…

Sam: Yay! My student going to make durian present for me and the whole staff room will smell like durian! I love Durian, Durian love me!
YK: No, they won’t. But they may bring you somewhere.
Sam: where?
YK: Esplande! Because your hair style look like esplanade.

Because Sam have spiky hair!

Ok, I know its lame. But Sam was laughing non stop. See, my joke is funny; at least to someone.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Dengue fever

Faris was warded to the hospital because of dengue fever. Hope he recover soon. You know, Dengue fever can kill!!! Click here to know more about this thing.

Okay, I need to go now. Rushing again…*sigh* by the way I hope you’re like my photographing, very artistic right? Okay, I better stop before you vomit inform in front [shit! So ma lu...Type using Microsoft Word also can type wrongly…] of the computer.

Sunday, August 28, 2005

Rabbit Uncle

In PC, there is an uncle, who well known as Rabbit Uncle. His face don’t look like a Rabbit, nor he likes to eat carrot, but yet people from young to old call him Rabbit Uncle, including me.


I started to know Rabbit uncle when I was 11. At that time, being in a big production of a play I was joking around and no seriousness at all. Everybody came to me and lecture me about my playfulness and not serious in my acting except Rabbit Uncle who gives encouraging words. In the production, everybody call him Rabbit Uncle even though none of the scene in the play calls him Rabbit Uncle since it’s a Japanese adapted story, so I follow them and call him Rabbit uncle without knowing why.

So every time when Rabbit Uncle enters the room, all the kids will go to him and ask for sweet, including me. Rabbit Uncle sure will gives sweet to everyone without fail and even have some tricks to the kids too.

Recently, I found out why people call him Rabbit Uncle, it’s all because of one aunty.

That aunty is very bad in pronouncing English names, and Rabbit Uncle’s real name is David. We should call him David Uncle, not Rabbit Uncle. That aunty calls David ‘Rabbit Uncle’ because David is too difficult to pronoun for her. So people began to call David as Rabbit Uncle.

From that on, I told myself don’t call him Rabbit Uncle anymore, must respect other people.

Time when by, I began to grow up and start to busy with my own work, haven’t seen Rabbit Uncle for a long time until yesterday…

Rabbit Uncle just sitting behind me in lecture hall yesterday in PC, when I saw him, a magical force had brings me to said “David Uncle’. From years I called him Rabbit Uncle, this magical force had changed everything. That’s something I don’t usually do, sudden change of calling other people name…

Moral of the post, nothing is impossible, must respect other people & how bad Singaporean pronunciation is…

[I know this post is not funny but I am almost running out of funny ideas. So any ideas please post it at the comment area or the tag board. :) I will love your!]

Milky, forgiveness...

I wish I could seek for forgiveness. Maybe forever, it will remain like this.

Few years ago, I am a ‘got nothing better to do’ guy. I went to people website, steal their idea, worst still, I just simply copy and paste their whole content.

I used to be a Neopet player [I seldom play now because of workload] I joined a guild call Mystical Garden of Neopia using a sub account. Then on my main account I create a guild which exactly the same content as theirs. Within days staff of Mystical Garden of Neopia and I got baned from the guild so on and so fore…

One of the staff there, milky is from Singapore too. From the start I know her in the guild, I read her blog, tag her blog but after that ‘copy’ accident, she hated me a lot. So I become anonymous reader of her blog. I got to know she got into university and blah, blah, blah. Until one time, she posted something and I tag at her tag-board. I ended being ‘scolded’. Some of my friends got to know about it and start to SPAM at her tag-board. In the end, she posted an entry about me and my friends saying that we are immature.

I stop tagging at her blog but still continue to read her blog. To be honest, I like her work, her blog template, how to code her website, the style she write her blog, how to teach people HTML and etc. And it is still until now, no change at all.

This few days, I start to tag at the blog I read like 壁虎’s blog [yea, right, its lizard’s blog…Just kidding], and etc. Somehow or rather, in a coincident, I tag at Milky’s friend blog. Without knowing, I had read this blog for quite some time. And never know that she is Milky’s friend. I tagged her blog. And today I got this:

I got my shock of my life, how can Milky knows? After fully checking, I found out that the site link to Milky blog too.

After a few minutes, Milky added my in MSN; I accepted it and she ask me to remove her link in my blog. I agreed, while I removing, she signed off, properly blocked me. I was wanted to ask for forgiveness, but I don’t get the chance. Maybe she still thinks that I am still a naught boy as last time. Maybe she might think that I am still immature. I don’t know, maybe she forever never forgive me.

I wish to say that, everyone will change from time to time. Wish to seek for forgiveness and got the permission to read and tag her blog just like 2 years ago.

Saturday, August 27, 2005


I have my Oral today. When I told Mono about it, the first thing come to his mind is Oral sex. That’s how dirty- minded NS men is.

I have my oral examination today, where the examiner will give a passage, a picture and the last thing, conversation with the examiner and of course, not oral sex examination.

Still remember JC told us about she is the examiner for ‘N’ level English Oral this year. And somehow one of the classes was so polite. Everyone greet the examiner and stand there until the examiner asks him or her to sit down. In the end of the exam, they will say “Hope you have a nice day.” Ha! And the whole class says the same thing, thinking that that will gives them some help, which common sense tells us that the teacher is the one who taught them this.

I told Sam about it and ask him this question “If lets say you didn’t know me and you just happen to be my ‘N’ level examiner, will you give me more marks because I greet and wish you?” and here is the reply…

“I will help you to pass if your marks are failing by few marks; in other words, will try to pass you but not to give you flying colour marks.”

So let’s everyone pray that Sam is not your Chinese examiner for Oral.

But Sam says that those things will only bring the examiner good impression of the student and will not really help much. The main thing is you can read and talk in Oral.

Sam also says that English Oral is easier than Chinese and ask me to score well in English Oral. [How can a Chinese teacher support other Language?] He says” English at least you can guess the pronunciation by breaking the words, but in Chinese if you don’t know how to read that word you can’t guess it by breaking the words.” But I think Chinese is much easier then English. I mean in English you need to pronounce‘s’, ‘ed’ and etc. But in Chinese all the words appear is something we learn before, no reason for us not knowing how to read the words. In the end, we got a MSN fight about Oral.

By the way, I had been cursing my examiner from afternoon until now. Talk to a lot of people telling them how she tests me. It is really bad. The first section, “Reading passage” is quite ok; at least she let me finish reading the whole passage, but the rest not. For the second section, “Picture Description” she just happily cut my lines. Sam told me that I need to make two to 3 inference of the picture and he checked with his friends who teach English that I die also need to said one of the person I in the picture might thinking. When I looked at the picture, I was so exited and thinking that what Sam and my English teacher, JC taught me can apply here and there. I did apply those things in the exam, but the examiner annoyed me a lot.

She, as I said, just happily cut my lines and ask question. Let’s take an example:

Me: The lady in the background might be thinking that the durian is excellent so
Examiner: so what do you think the guy at the left might be thinking?

Hello? I haven’t finished my lines. I was wanted to say “so she shows a thumb up sign for the photographer.” And this doesn’t only happen one time, it happens a lot of times for both second section and third section, “conversation”. And it believes that when the teacher asks you question, they will minus marks. Even Sam told me that die also must not have the examiner to have a chance to open their mouth.

Examiner, can you let me finish first?

Die, going to fail my Oral, all thanks to the examiner, interrupt me for no reason.

Friday, August 26, 2005

Sore Eyes

It is believe that when you got sore eyes, it will spread through ways like looking at other people’s eyes, gem spread by touching the eyes and also you will get sore eyes if you watch porn.

And today, my eyes got red again. People were joking around saying that I look at porn again last night. Hey! I am lack of sleep, not watching porn last night! It is scary when people come to you and said “Hey, you watch porn last night har, nice or not?” -_-

And yes, I still went to school today, knowing that I will take back two of my test paper. But…

My school discipline master come to me and talk to me about my eyes and almost wanted me to go home. I though there is something wrong with my dressing or what and he come to me to punish me. Ha! This shows that discipline master is not as bad as what we think.

In class, there were two groups of people. One wanted me to look at their eyes and other group wanted me to go home…

Group A: “YongKian, look at my eyes. So I no need to go to school once I got sore eyes.”

Group B: “Go home lah you idiot, don’t you know it will spread? You want everyone to get it then you happy is it? Idiot, go home now!”

See, I was in a difficult situation. One wanted me to go home and other want me to look at their eyes because they dieing not to go to school. So for people who doesn’t want to go to school in the next few days, I got something for you. For people who want to go to school, just skip the next part.

The photo of my sore eyes!

Since it is believe that it will spread by looking at the eyes, why not look at the photo and maybe you will get sore eyes in the next day. : )

And for the other group, I know they are dieing me not to go to school but sad to say I have to because of exams. So maybe, I might buy sunglasses for the rest because it is also believe that sunglasses will block the germs away. I am not wearing it because I don’t look shuai (handsome) if I wear sunglasses but the rest of the class would. So I might buy the following for all of you.

But you will see me selling my body…no, no, no…it’s my arts[singing, of course] at the street because each sunglasses cost over $30 if I am going to buy Orange County Choppers Sunglasses for your.

So now, hope you get your sore eyes/ excited to receive your super expensive sunglasses.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Mr? Mrs? Mdm?: Mr Tan Yong Kian

Recently, I have been call as “Mr. Tan Y.K” or just simply “Mr. Tan”, it is something I don’t like, really.

Companies, clubs and etc had mail me or E-mail me about their membership, offer and all stupid nonsense. Sometimes I wonder “who is the stupid idiot to invent those names Mr, Mrs, Madam and etc”, I find it too formal and I am someone who don’t like to be formal.

Just like few months ago, I went back to the family business’s office because grandfather wants me to learn something. People start to call me Mr. Tan or boss’s eldest grandson, I just simply hate it and ask them to call my YongKian or just YK will do. They were very nice; they start to call me the way I like however…

My aunty is not happy about it!
She says "office have office image, how can you ask them to call your name instate of the formal ones? Blah, Blah, Blah…all the stupid long lectures to me. = ( ”

*sigh* is not that I don’t want people to call me Mr. Tan, it seem to be like only people with super high rank in position and etc will called Mr. and etc. For me, a young little boy who still learn from the world does not have that fortune to let people address me as Mr. , Never ever will it happen.

Immigration Authority letter

And also, those government authorities also like to address people Mr. and Mrs. too. This few months I need to do some paper work, interview and etc by the Immigration Authority. They are very likely to address me as Mr. Tan which something I don’t like, but some call me “boy” as if I am still 10 year old kid.

Even letters send by authorities address me as “Mr Tan Yong Kian”. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why not donkey Tan Yong Kian? Why not Pig Tan Yong Kian? Who is the stupid idiot came out with the Mr, Mrs and etc? It will only cause the brain cell to be use in this stupid thing.

Till now I still don’t understand…

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Just bear with me for this short “work post” and for some Chinese here and there, I will get it translated soon.

这个周末,我乐得清闲。 不是因为我没有事情做,而是很想休息。自己 start to feel 累, 很想休息一下。下周有滿多 test 的, 我也有学生的作业要批改, 可是因為自己累所以休息一下。我不是要得过且过,我只是真的很想休息一下。 明天有一個 History Test, 可是我都没有讀到。 这个周末我不断地和自己说, 休息是要走更长的路。可是現在有点自欺但時間不可以 go back。 我不可以回頭了, why not just let it like this?

In conclusion,

After writing the whole thing, I notice that is my English here and there, not Chinese here and there. Ha! I will get it translated soon, or you may want to translate for me? = )

Saturday, August 20, 2005

Part time teacher = tutor

I got this in my inbox; you know who you are…

Click to enlarge

So what if I am part time teacher? I should say a tutor only. Come on, teacher not fun to be. You will get high blood pressure when you super young and start to have hair lose too.

My only dream is to be full time NIE trained, government employed school teacher, and maybe I am only got to teach ABC only. This is a long way to go, maybe only in 7 years time.

I do have some dreams in mind, some can earn me lots and lots of money and some is satisfaction is your salary…

Teacher: ten cent per minute
Accountant: forty cent per minute
Chief: five to one hundred cent per minute (depend how good am I, how famous am I)
Policeman: unknown (I know I can’t be because I am not good at playing police and thief game)

By the way, I had quitted that stupid job long ago, I want to forces on my study. I call it stupid not because I don’t like that job, it just that the parents are too annoying, they got thousand of request to make! Also, I don’t want to be like this one day on the street:

To clear things up, is I don’t want them not they don’t want me! [The truth is the other way round]. The only student I have now is a primary one student.

Friday, August 19, 2005


*If you are looking for funny part only, skip the first 2 paragraphs.

I realise that I haven’t been blogging much recently, the power of work had made me went crazy. In fact, I didn’t get more than 3 hours of sleep this week everyday due to test and preparation of thousand of stuff.

I thought I can take a rest during weekends but too man things need to settle. The Pc, Student division is coming to my house [maybe I always never go for PC’s student meeting] and I need to prepare some stuff. And just today, it is announce that there is history test next money and I got 48 pages of notes to study. How am I going to survive?

Today ending the school is quite funny. The class already ‘suffer’ from depression due to next Monday there will be a history retest for the whole class. And at the end of the lesson, I announce something:

JC: YongKian got something to announce from the Chinese Teacher.
*me, very worry, scare giving the class more sadness.*
YK: next Monday there will be a Chinese test.
Class: !@#$%^&* [some pretend that they want to throw chair at me]
Person A: Pretend you never announce can?
Person B: !@#$%^&* The teacher is crazy is it!
JC: it’s the Chinese teacher not YongKian fault…
YK: it’s Listening comprehension…
Class: Chey….

Ha! Ha! Going to post other stuff soon : )

Monday, August 15, 2005

MSN 7.5

I had been using MSN Messenger for a long time. Today I decided to take the risk, download MSN Messenger 7.5 BETA (Testing), it will release to the public in September.

I was expected to have major changes in MSN Messenger. The login screen give a very good start, your display picture will display in login screen if you click remember me and had login using that computer previously.

New MSN Messenger Login screen

I was too excited to click “Sign in” to see the new login in process screen, to my disappointment, the MSN mascot is still playing merry go round.

Why can’t MSN mascot grow up? Now they should at least change the merry go round thing to something else. Maybe running, skipping, eating or blogging!

*sigh* maybe the programmer is only a 7 year old kid. [MSN 7.5 mah. lets said every version they grow up 1 year old, now they should be 7 year and 6 month old]

Saturday, August 13, 2005

1 cent coin

*sigh* can’t show all of you the photos for NDP. I need to wait for next month to upload things again in Flickr because I am a free user. I can’t upgrade my account because I don’t have credit card and I can’t sign up for Pay Pal. Idiot isn’t?

I got the money to upgrade a lot of things and I got the money to do a lot of stuff, yet I can’t really do much because…

I got a lot of $0.01 coins and not notes!

Few days ago I went to a coffee shop and I decided to buy coffee since I am super sleepy. I only have one $50 note and lots of 1 cent coins. The stupid coffee which tastes not nice cost me $0.60. I can’t pay the cashier $50 note just to pay a $0.60 right? If not I will carrying a lot of notes in my wallet so I give that cashier all 1 cent coins and I…

Got scolded by that bloody cashier!

Come on, 1 cent coin also money, why don’t they just accept?

Latter on, people had telling me that 1 cent coin had already extinct in Singapore, they no long make one cent coin and print $1 note anymore. That’s mean they had become History of Singapore. No wonder bloody cashier doesn’t accept 1 cent coin.

But why I still receiving 1 cent coins from supermarkets and etc. Somehow my things will ended up to be $XX. X2. And I will end up getting other 8 cents from the supermarket. Maybe all thanks to the Singapore 5% GST.

If I can’t use my $1 note and my 1 cent coins, I will be over $100 poorer! Die, I can’t be poor, I don’t want to ask money in food court. Oh, even people give those 1 cent coins to beggars and charity right? How the Charity deal with all the 1 cent coins? Is it gets gold-plated office bathroom fittings, just like NKF? Ha!

Maybe people will start to see me in the interchange singing and dancing to earn more money to cover the cost I lose from 1 cent and $1 note. Or maybe the bank allows me to bank in coins if I just go to their counter? Anyone have any ideas? Die, I am going to be dame bloody idiot beggar soon.

Tuesday, August 09, 2005


I will blog about NDP tomorrow because I need to sleep early. Tomorrow I need to go for a health check at the don’t know where so must sleep early, if not tomorrow I will become a panda bear again. Not the size, but the eye. : )

Tomorrow I will upload lots of photos and here is my wish to Singapore, Happy 40TH Birthday SINGAPORE!

JYSS Food & Fun Fair

Today [8 August 2005] is the school cerebration for National Day. Did take lots of photo, and will upload some in this entry. If you saw your face here, I didn’t mean it; so here, a sorry in advance.

Entry Part I

*You can preview the Whole Complete Set [Included Part II & III] (52 Photos, might be more) in web page & Sideshow, brought to you by Flickr. If you are viewing it by web page, you can even leave comments! It is recommended to view both web page and Slideshow.

The Food and Fun Fair was great! And our class is doing…

Hunted House!

Image now is 7th month, Hungry Ghost Month and yet we are doing Hunted House. Ha! Oh well, we did Hunted House for 3 years, this years is the Final due to the fact that next year we can’t do anymore.

Yay! We are back! Ha!

Our Q is long, very long. Lots of people ‘Q’ing up to enter the Hunted House, it is so long that it makes a long Q.

We use this red bottle to keep our collected coupon. There is a picture stick onto the bottle. Go to Flickr to view the complete set of photos. : )

Yup, a kid wanted to enter the Hunted House too. This kid is from a centre and they are invited from the school. After h came out from the Hunted House, I asked him scae or not and he reply no. He didn't cry nor scream. Ha! I want to bring him home..Don’t you think he look cute? Go to Flickr to view more photos on him.

Yup, 8 people at a time. But the last group…I think the last group had over 30 people due to we wanted to ‘close’ the Hunted House.

Something wrong with the camera, after the Hunted House when we doing our cleaning up, all the photos on it are blur, is it because…Let don’t think too much and scare ourselves…

Inside the Hunted house is super bloody hot. Thank goodness the fan save the “ghost’s day”!

Finally the room have sun light enter the room. The room is back to a normal Classroom again.

Part II
*You can preview the Whole Complete Set [Included Part I & III] (52 Photos, might be more) in web page & Sideshow, brought to you by Flickr. If you are viewing it by web page, you can even leave comments! It is recommended to view both web page and Slideshow.

That girl’s class is doing photo thing. They will take photo then they will put some words in the photo and print it. Well it only cost $1.50, cheaper than the chicken rice. However, the printing wasn’t very good but they mange to collect over $100+

That girl doing some stuff. : )

Shu Wen is in charge of computer editing. They didn’t use Photoshop, just MS Pain.

After printing they need the photo to dry fast, just like you want your hair to dry fast. They use what you use for your hair to dry the photo faster. Ha! Funny or lame?

Part III
*You can preview the Whole Complete Set [Included Part I & II] (52 Photos, might be more) in web page & Sideshow, brought to you by Flickr. If you are viewing it by web page, you can even leave comments! It is recommended to view both web page and Slideshow.

Everyone have to buy $5 coupon. This year Coupon is much better than previous years as it is not easily to be torn.

The whole Fun Fair was super great. Lots of people buy food and playing games. This is seldom see in school like ours.

Let have fun by playing games!

Think all the games are childish? Just shop around in the food area. But just remember to exercise after eating lots of food. And of course drink lots of water!

While I was shopping around, I saw this, Selling sock, $1 per pair. I wanted to buy but I don’t wear white sock while outside. And for school, they want a ‘JSS’ Logo. So forget it. But does sock fall under food or fun?

That’s all. Hope you can go and preview the Whole Complete Set [Included Part I, II& III] (52 Photos, might be more) in web page & Sideshow.