Sunday, July 31, 2005


This is a topic that I always avoid when it comes to discussion and etc. but today, I would like to talk about this in my blog. Really, I am now kind of excited now.

Few days ago, my mom said…

Mom: “Ah boy, you should get a girlfriend. So that you can revise your studies with her…”
Me: “Ah ya, I got no money to support my girlfriend la.” [Oh please, I don’t have the money to support her.]

Mom: “Then get a rich girl lorh.” [Then just get a rich girl to be your girlfriend]
Me: “Where got guy spend girl’s money one?” [Where will guy spend girl’s money?]
Mom: “Got, TV serial always like that one.” [Got, the TV serial storyline have this.]

Me: Action:*Keep quite…*

This isn’t the first time. From time to time, she will say “Ah boy, got girlfriend must bring home and have dinner to let me and papa sees hor.” [Boy, when got a girlfriend, you must bring home and let’s have dinner together so I and your father can have a look.]

But to me, having a girlfriend is like an impossible mission for me. No girls will like me, I am lack of fate. Even IF someone likes me, I might kindly reject her. But which girls will like me, unless their eyes are blink. I am outdated, I don’t watch movie, and I don’t go out to shopping malls, arcade. I don’t have muscle, I am not handsome, if there is Singapore ugliest guy, and I am sure the winner. If anyone like me, Singapore will have snow.

In school, there is some people said that I like a girl who is a student councils. Yes, I agree that she is pretty in my standard, she is rich, she is good, nice, kind, helpful, but she like someone else[I guess], and thousand of people will waiting to be her boyfriend [I guess]. When a girl is thinking of choosing a boyfriend between me and other guys, me will be always the last option.

Few days ago, when we have our break, that girl treated me breakfast. Then she said she want the soup of the dish I brought. Yes, it fine but she gave me back the ingredient in the soup. Common sense tells me that she needs to eat the ingredients since this come from her pocket and she is thin. I told her to take back and she should eat more because she is thin. But when friends around us saw it, they said we are romantic. [Or something likes that] Ha!

I don’t even know how the feeling of love is like. I know my cousin, classmate; friends have now in or have relationship before. Last week, one of my classmates saw me after waiting outside that girl’s classroom [actually I was waiting for someone, not that girl] and she said that she had already got over 80 relationship, something that surprise me. How can people so open, I don’t even have my first lover, non given my first kiss yet!

Maybe I did, my computer, printers and etc. but now get serious, they are not human! Ha! No, I will still care them and love them but the thing is they can’t be my girlfriend or wife.

Feel worry, stress, with some mixed feeling. Worry due to some of them said that if by the age I am having now still don’t have any relationship, I maybe not normal. Not normal in the sense that I like the same gender as me. Ha! I am afraid I am not. No, I don’t like guy or girl. Ha! And stress is because my mom is keep saying that! Whenever I heard the word “girlfriend”, I will try to escape, someone from my class said I have an open minded mother who agree on relationship. But his mother has been quarrel with him about having a girlfriend. I so wish to exchange mother to let my mother have a taste of her son have a girlfriend. Ha!

Maybe give me other 3 to 5 years and everything must go with fate. No fate, that’s it.


It’s funny, few days ago is my left eyes, now is my right eye. It’s painful, but not as painful as few days ago.

Thank goodness I never follow doctor advice, throw the eye dropper away once my eyes recover. See, if I follow doctor advice, I might need to spend $28 again. Never trust the doctor.

Am I having eyes problem? This worries me a lot right now. Who will have red eyes every few days? And now my version is blur, unclear, am I going to blind? Oh well, maybe I should get more sleep, that all! But is a 4 hour of sleep still not enough? I had sleeping like pigs already!

Fine, maybe like what doctor said, need to have 6 hours of sleeping, but the problem is does my work load allow me to?

I am going to have 3 Term Assignment next week, and two fall on Wednesday, no time to rest.

And see my time planner, its full, no more space to write more things to it. Maybe a computer planner is good, but where can I get a free one? I got one just now but only allow me to enter 10 tasks to it for free version, it is not enough, and I got more than 100 things running every month. No, I am serious; I got over 100 things running in a month.

My eye is painful whenever I look at things and close my eyes, even blinking of eyes can feel the pain. Why is my body torturing me like that? I hate my body! I want to leave this body! Eh…what the hell I am talking about.

My brain doesn’t work properly, maybe due to can’t see properly. Oh please help, I still got lots of things to do by tomorrow.

My work load never end, same goes to my pain of my eyes never gives a break for me.

Saturday, July 30, 2005


Blog NO Evil! I am now worried about my content in my blog. Click here to read the news. Even password protected won’t help? Oh well…

Surprisingly, Miss JC is also reading Mr. Brown, XiaXue blog also. Ha! But me reading more blog than her I guess. Everyday I spend about one or two hours reading. Nah, it took away my sleeping time only. I don’t read it when I am in big project or something.

Ah Fong had created a MTV base on this year Singapore theme song. Ha! They are saying that the dance and MTV is not nice. Warning to them, don’t let Taufit fans know about it, if not… you know, girls can do anything when they are crazy and most of the Taufit fans is girls.

By the way, I am thinking of change my template. Change it to other template taken from blog skins. Nah, I had fulfilled my objective of creating this template, people don’t ask me to make template for them. Just basically, when they see this template, they think I am not good about it so…Ha! I had reached. I know, because long time no one ask me to make a template for them until now. Ha! Ha!

I will just the change the template for a while, and get a domain and web space and last by not least using ‘WordPress’ to blog. Domain per year is SGD$18 and 30MB web space will cost SGD$4. What do you think? Will it last? Ha!

But first I need your comment. I know my dear friend don’t tag in blog anymore. Now they had turn to email commenting so that they will not get into trouble with laws and etc. *sigh* blog no evil!

In your email of comment, please tell me what you think about the following:
Is it worth to have web space with domain for my blog?
What should the theme be (please, no more YKWorkPlace)
What else you want to see other than blog?
Blah Blah Blah…

I know I am now acting…but please tell me ok?

Don’t worry about my money matter, I will settle it. Ha!

By the way, back to famous Blogger in Singapore. Everyone heard of Mr. Brown, XiaXue, Big F***, Mr. Miyagi, Tomorrow SG, Singapore official porn site, Singabloodypore, and much more! Those famous Blogger made Singapore proud! But it is surprise that most of the people in my class don’t read it till today…

Nah, this is just other nonsense entry. No meaning behind it.

P/S: even names like "Big F***", "Singapore official pron site", their content are very "Disney", meaning it is safe, not pron or stuff like that. It just a title of their blog. Ha! Rating General for everyone!

Friday, July 29, 2005


Today wake up at 7.15, by that time I should be in school in the parade square. But I was on MC, my eyes is still in pain. And also it will spread, I don’t want other people suffer.

Asking me not to go to school is like asking me go and die. I have been so bored, thinking of some work in school. Oh man, I miss my 4 sided classrooms, I miss the canteen food, and I miss my work! I sure today they did a lot of things, get ready to be busy mode!

Last time, even fever I will still go to school. Unless it had gone to the case that I don’t even have the strength to walk. But my eyes was red yesterday, and the teachers show their care by asking would I want to go home and ask me to see a doctor after school, which I don’t really wish to.

I reached home; wash my eyes with some solution found at home. And think it because my eyes are tidy or I don’t get enough sleep. So went to sleep just hoping when I wake up everything will be fine. But that was not the case; it had gone worst and my mom start nagging at me asking me to see a doctor.

Doctor said is because of some infection, and maybe with lack of sleep. It had been weeks that I have less than 3 hours of sleeping hour.

Moral of the story, please have at least 6 hours of sleep everyday to get fully charged.

Better finish prepare tomorrow lesson. Now I have left at most 5 hours of sleeping time. *sigh* YK never learn the lesson.

Thursday, July 28, 2005

-No Title-

It had been busy days so far for the week; I still can hold the weight of the work load. Ha!

I will be going to miss a lot of classes tomorrow, due to conjunctivitis. The doctor said if I die also want to go to school, I might spread to all the people in my class. Ha! I think the gem will first attack Dzul. “Attack! Attack!” Ha! Ha!

Doctor said because I don’t get enough rest, eyes infection then my eyes turn red. Oh well, for the whole day my eyes was so painful. Thank goodness it’s now better, but still painful.

Yesterday during Drama I have a great time eating. Ha! Image I ate 5 slices of pizza and 1 slices of cake, with some drinks, chips and some other food. Ha! Ha! Mrs Daniel was like “YK, you can eat so much” or something. Don’t you know YK love to eat?

Whatever, I saw a chocolate “fountain”. Liquid form that had seen on “chocolat” movie. Oh my god! Chocolate! Chocolate!

“I want Chocolate! I want Chocolate! I want Chocolate! I want Chocolate!”

Ha! Ha! The happiness of chocolate can’t easily said b words. Especially when you got those kinds that are heavenly nice!

Oh well, nothing much to blog. No, it is I can’t blog too much because of my eyes. I got a lot of things to say about volcano. Yes, volcano, but is YK Human Volcano. A warning signal had send that volcano is going to…

Good night all of you

Monday, July 25, 2005

Did some test..

Did some test about myslef. Ha! Very funny but almost saying things that are true about me.

My Birthday means:

Your Birthdate: May 25

Your birth on the 25th day of the month (7 energy) modifies your life path by giving you some special interest in technical, scientific, or other complex and often hard to understand subjects.

You may become something of a perfectionist and a stickler for details.

Your thinking is logical and intuitive, rational and responsible.

Your feelings may run deep, but you are not very likely to let them show.

This birthday makes you a more private person, more introspective and perhaps more inflexible.

In friendships you are very cautious and reserved.

You are probably inventive, and given to unique approaches and solutions.

What Does Your Birth Date Mean?

Don't you think it is very true about me? Ha!

Language I should learn is:

You Should Learn Chinese

Surprised? You shouldn't be - Chinese is perfect for an ambitious person like you.
You're a natural entrepreneur, and a billion people are waiting to do business with you!

What Language Should You Learn?

People see me:

Slow and Steady
Your friends see you as painstaking and fussy.

They see you as very cautious, extremely careful, a slow and steady plodder.

It'd really surprise them if you ever did something impulsively or on the spur of the moment.

They expect you to examine everything carefully from every angle and then usually decide against it.

How Do People See You?

Sunday, July 24, 2005

I saw Hitler, I cried for something, I am : - ( all because of Flag Day

After reading this (click the link), I find that it really affect me during the Flag Day today. It never been so worst, all thanks to NKF

Today was a horrible day during the Flag Day, believe me. In the news it says “out of 10, one will stop to put coins.” But for me, out of 20, 30 none of them want to stop! I got insulted, scolded by the public just because I am in a Flag Day. Please, I am just a student, stuck between the school and the community service. And I did approach everybody I saw and ask “would you like to donate some money to this community service that help the needy children for special child care, help old people to look for housing and etc.” if you don’t pity those people, just pity me because I don’t get a drink for that whole three hours under hot sun saying the same thing again and again.

I have a habit of standing outside the lottery shop and ask for donation, it used to work but not for now. Last time when I stand outside, when people come out of the shop after placing the bets or something, they will put in some donation, just hopping that the small little donation will make them strike lottery or something. So when they place some donation, I will said something like “hope you strike lottery” to make those old lady and uncles happier. But now, after stand outside the shop don’t know for how long, none of them wanted to donate. That is how bad it really was. Still, my donation bag only has 5 cents that is donated by me.

So I move to Bus interchange to try my luck, I also have other habit of asking people on ‘Q’ for donation. You know, they are stuck in the ‘Q’, they can’t run away but said no thanks if they don’t wish to donate. And they have plenty of time digging out the money to donate. I always get lots of money from people on ‘Q’, not people who alighting the bus. But guess what happen today. After asking 5 or 6 bus service on ‘Q’, none of them wanted to donate, and the ‘Q’ is long enough that I might ask over 100 from the ‘Q’ in the interchange. That was how bad it is; still my bad only have 5 cents.

Decided to be ‘mobile’, meaning I move around to ask for donation. So I walked bus stop to bus stop. During the whole ‘mobile’ period, I saw ‘Hitler’, yes the one in history, I also saw mini run race when they saw me and also, I attended “Who wants to be a millionaire” show. Let’s see…

The starting of the ‘mobile’ project was doing great, people start donating in bus stop and on my way to the next bus stop. But when I just change my direction to south, I met Hitler. It just that this Hitler I met like to use one finger (just don’t care which finger he using) point to the ground and at my head, while the history ‘Hitler’ use 3 finger, like to point at the sky/ rooftop only. The Hitler I met, using the language that insulted me, and my family. The way he said as if I got 600K for doing Flag Day, got golden pipes in my house, drive big cars and live in big houses. And worst none of them come and help me when they walk pass me. Come on, I don’t get 600K for doing Flag Day, golden pipes in my house, drive big cars and live in big houses. But after a long insulting, I force myself to smile at him and said “That’s your view, I got no comment to make. Now, would you like to donate to this community service…?” Ha! Image that, by the way in the end that man donated 5 cent to it. No, I should say he throw 5 cent on to the ground and I assume that he dropped the coin and I took it and put it into the donation bag without his acknowledge.

Next thing was that from time to time, somehow when people saw me they will run. They don’t care they are running at the side of the road. They just run when they saw me, as if they saw a ghost. Ha! They run, I run with them. But still those ‘runners’ don’t donate. Really, this is a sad thing to those charities.

I also went to 2 coffee shops during the ‘mobile’ project. One of them really made me cry. By the way is me asking for trouble. I saw asking table by table asking they would like to donate or not but got one guy said he doesn’t want. I saw so coins on the table and I said “Would you mind to donate some of the coins on the table? It will be a great help” (see, asking for trouble.) the guy stood up, took the coin…put inside his pocket and start screaming at me. Content is about the same as Hitler it just that this guy didn’t just his finger point here and there. But using a lot of vagaries (spelling correct?), fine, but no one stand up and help me. And got one guy who serve coffee in that shop walked pass me and said “serve you right” in Chinese. I really cried, not in front of the public but I go to one corner. Image how sad it is. I am there trying to do the task given to me perfectly but I got those…I would not wish to continue about the coffee shop thing anymore.

I also attended “Who wants to be a millionaire” show! Image some people asking me so many questions on the Flag Day. Some of them had reached million dollar question: “What is it for” “how much will go to those people who need help” [I give 90% as the answer for this question] “How much do the board of this community earn every month?” (Something like that, you know I am not good in translation from Chinese to English) as if I know. Please, do you think they will tell us those things before we go for Flag Day? They are now very careful with this. Because some question I don’t know how to answer like “How much do the board of this community earn every month?” I don’t get the donation. How sad…

But I think I still got some weight in my donation bag, some of them can’t mange to get one dollar. To the dearest Singaporean, please don’t put your anger to the student, they just carrying out their task, please give them your support and not your insulation.


I think I might get “Flag Day Fear” for the time being. It is too…

Better rest now, I have a fever after Flag Day, maybe because of the 'Singapore oven sun'? I think I should recover after the sleep. Good night.

Saturday, July 23, 2005


I am tired, way too tired. I hardly sleep for the pass few days. Time seem to pass very slow, the word load is torturing me.

Quite a lot of things happen for this week, hardly know where to start and where to end. What to and not to say.

For this week, I don’t know why, there were two girls look for me and told me there problem and etc. No, they don’t come together. I don’t know one of the girl, but she claim that she know me, but the fact that I don’t know her. How surprise that someone know me but I don’t. By the way, it seems that a lot of them have Boy/ Girl Relationship problem. But glad that the girls know that it is not the suitable age for them to start, they are so call “asking how to end” when they don’t even started. But glad that the girl who I don’t know had some how solve her problem by my advice. However, the other girl who I know doesn’t really have a chance to give her advice, maybe will look for her some time latter, or ask her to look for teachers.

Oh well, my work load getting heavier! I hardly sleep. Image only get to sleep one to three hours. It is horrible, believe me. Got one day I don’t even get an hour sleep. The work load is way too much. When will I able to play games again?

Next thing is…


Will explain the “CHOCOLATE!” next time…All thanks to Miss JC for “CHOCOLATE!”!

Monday, July 18, 2005


Written on 16 July 2005 & taken from personal dairy written in OBS.

I am back from Outward Bound Singapore Friday afternoon. I miss the school so much, I am dieing to go back to school for studying. Ha! Ha!

Oh well, Outward Bound Singapore had trained me how to sleep in any condition. So that will make me sleep in the classroom, just kidding.

The Outward Bound Singapore journey is fun, tiring, but overall is an experience that I will never find in any places. Where should I start? I got too many things to say…

Day 1:
When we reached the Outward Bound Singapore, my heart dropped. Outward Bound Singapore staff did a briefing few months ago and they shows us some photo and the whole thing like holiday restore but when I reached there, it is totally a different story. The photo is 360 degree different. Oh well, and later on, we were inform that we have to build our own tent, cook our own food and etc. My heart was broken; I was thinking “What did I do? Why the heaven sent me here for punish?” In fact, when Outward Bound Singapore staff did a briefing before we go, they did show us their canteen photos. Oh my god, now I am going to cook our food, and I was thinking… “I am going to go to the toile very frequently.” But things were not that bad, at least their washroom look like a washroom with proper washing area and etc.

We build our own tent, something I never did before. My mind is keep giving out the negative thoughts. “I don’t want to learn, I want to go back home!” who can change the faith? I am really dieing to go home. Oh well, late in night the instructor did a basic teaching on how to read maps and etc. and was told that if want to go to the toile in the jungle where there is no room, we have to dig a 6 meter deep in the ground and do our “business” there and cover the soil.

Whatever it is, I have a good night sleep on that day, maybe due to work free day? Ha!

Day 2:
Woke up as early as before and saw not even a single soul wake up. Oh well, maybe I wake up too early due to the fact that I sleep alone in a tent, where I have one big space for me and the others sleep together with 3 to 4 people? Ha! But people do wake up on time, do their wash up and etc. It will be going to be a tiring day for us. We got to pack our bag to the bag that they provided (it is for hiking use) and we got to leave the horrible place and should be back by Friday. Whoosh! I am so happy at that time. Ha! Ha!

We walk and walk, carrying the heavy bag[my bag is the heaviest in the watch(group) and weigh as if more than a 10 kg rice] looking at the map given to us, trying to find our way to the next camp site. Finally, I saw the holiday resort. Ha! FINALLY! We put our super heavy down and pitch own tents again. There we go, for kayaing, something I scare because of sea water. No, I am not afraid of water but sea water. Eh…what the hell I am talking about? I mean I am afraid of sea water, I am afraid of water, the wave. I am not afraid when I am in swimming pool, in wild wild wet. Ha!

We have our dinner, our supper at their canteen on that day. I love those foods! I mean, even though the food is not as good as my mom or dad ones, it is better than nothing for us to cook right? Ha! And Gary was eating like a hungry ghost. Eat and eat and eat, keep saying “Oh My God” while eating. Maybe cause he had eaten burn rice on the first day? Ha!

After eating diner, the instructor told us a story [not after eating diner, let’s read comic (Accounting short form)]. It’s about the carrot, egg and coffee beans. May post the story line next time, the story is too meaningful.

There we go, other day ended.

Day 3:
Wake up early the morning, 3am. All thanks to Jie Kun. Ha! I slept with him and Jeffery that night. So of course we are the earliest people to wake up. The rest wake up at 5 or something. Oh well, maybe the holiday resort gives everyone a good night sleep on that day.

About 7am, everybody was ready and we got to the canteen to have our breakfast! Another Whoosh! Again, food is not that good, but better than nothing. After eating, we have rock climbing, something I scared because of the height, as I am afraid of height. I was the last one to go up, worst than the girls in the watch. Every eye was on me while I climbing (not all, some were busy talking). At least I make the effort to climb as high as I could, but I got stuck half-way and can’t go up any more. Maybe I’m too short (162 cm)? Ha! But at least the instructor says “YongKian is the one who afraid of height and he can climb so high, must give encouragement…” I was thinking, “High? Most of them climb to the top and I got stuck in the middle.” Ha! Next time if I got the chance, I will do better.

After rock climbing, we got to do land expedition. Mind, mind, mind, my bag got heavier than day 2 and got to walk over hours, need to climb the hill. OBS really make things difficult for us. They have four checkpoints; each checkpoints will gives us 2 numbers, so you will get all the 8 numbers at the end of the four checkpoints. Using the 8 number, use the map to find the next camp site. Very “fun” right? We don’t mange to complete this mission on time. So…we got ROAD BLOCK, copy amazing race. Ha! Nah, we are all clever people, we complete the ROAD BLOCK very fast, with…the help of the instructor hints.

After One whole day of tiredness, after the briefing, I do my duty for 1 and a half hours [due to some people sleeping like pig] and I fall asleep in an open area, next to the sea, star in the sky, make an unmemorable scene made ever my the god. Of course, I wake up with cold, image, the temperature dropped to 16 °C.

Day 4:
Wake up at 4, pack stuff and get read for sea expedition. Oh my goodness, everybody was afraid of sun burn. From previous group, they kaya for 6 hours, everybody was sunburn like lobster. Ha! But luck for our group, we only kaya for 3+ hours, it can be faster if it does rain halfway while we kayaing. But, I kayaing is one of the slowest one, my shoulder ach very badly, maybe due to the bag I carried [mind, mind, mind, my bad is the heaviest for2 days, okay?]Yup, when we almost reach our places, the rain pour on us, I was happily peering off the orange and wanted to have an orange but it started to rain, I got no choice to stuff the orange to my mouth. Ha! But we finish fast and sweet. All thanks to the…wave! Because we move along with the wave, but other group move against the wave, maybe that’s why they got a long time under the sun, in the sea!

We did jetty jump after kayaing. Oh my goodness, see again. But I took up encourage, took up the challenge to jump! Even though the people on shore haven’t finish countdown for me, but I already jumped. Ha!

The last night food wasn’t that bad. But still miss my mom cooking. I miss my brother, I miss my sister, wonder how are them at home…

Day 5:
I was looking forward this day at the first few days of the OBS, but somehow, I don’t feel like leaving. I wish to stay at OBS forever! Ha! Ha! And when I asked what I the first thing I will do when I read Singapore, I said “I will make sure my house don’t have any fly and etc that bites you, suck your blood [you know which fly I am referring to]. And I will first go to the toile, see how the toile is like in Singapore, somehow I forgot how comfortable, clean it is.

Bye OBS, hope to see you soon…

Photo taken from OBS website.

Sunday, July 17, 2005

I am back!

I was back to Singapore on friday afternoon. Will update about Outward Bound Singapore. I am really tired now... : )

Saturday, July 09, 2005

The class, 3N2

Read some blog just now and come across this:

It says: Class.No unity at all. I've got nothing to say. Sometimes, I'm not sure if they are human or not. Sigh. When will they ever grow up?When? I wonder. Sigh. I don't wanna mention it any further. It will just get to my nerves!
Seri's Blog

It was referring to the class I am in, and heard the same thing from the teachers too. *sigh*

Maybe everyone, every ‘gang’ have their own thinking. Maybe person A is doing the right thing, but the rest of the class think that he or she is just wanting to act ‘big’, act clever and etc. Maybe gang Z is doing something wrong in class towards the teacher but most of them in class except Person A, B, C & D think that gang Z is doing something great, something very cool. But for Person A, B, C & D, they think that gang Z are just making fool of them, and not cool at all in their eyes.

That is the problem. For example, Person A is very involved in a class project, but the rest think that it wastes of time and person A is trying to act ‘big’, think he or she very smart and etc. So they are talking to their friend, didn’t give ideas and etc, but who is in the right, who is in the wrong?

I had been with this class for more than half a month and went one outing with the class, Class BBQ in June Holiday. And here are my observations:

Observations 1: The class is like a wet market…
The class is forever noisy in most of the lesson. They just talk to their friends, joking around, making fool of themselves, treated the teachers as if they are transparent, especially for the Chinese Lesson.

They didn’t respect the teachers, non they follow the instruction. When asking to change their position, they cursed the teacher… *BIG Sigh again*

Observation 2: Study attitude…
上课读书一条虫, 吃喝玩乐变成龙。

It summaries the whole thing, it means that when come to study, it like a worm, but when come to play, it become a dragon.

Observation 3: Homework…
作业少真多盗版, 迟交更是家常饭。
Again, this summaries the whole thing, it means homework is less and got a lot of ‘pirated’ [meaning copy answer] and late to pass up is just normal. Ha! Ha!

It just my top 3 observation for the pass few months, hope that OBS can train, change their attitude.

But let said I am the teacher, standing in front of them. Facing the problems the faced by teachers who teach our class, I will:

It means I will love and hate….
Even though the class has ‘super many’ negative things, but at least they have some positive things. Just hope that the class will change the negative thing to the positive ones….

Packing for 'Holiday'

Please just ignore the entry I posted last night, it just for fun and totally useless for you to read.

It had been a tiring day for me. I have been gone out to buy stuff for my ‘holiday’ next week. Yes, I am going for a holiday from 11 July to 15 July. I wish I am not going…

It is actually not a holiday but a camp. But I was complaining about going for a camp and etc and someone told me to think positive. So there I go, think positive, think that I am going for holiday since I have not going for holiday for a long time.

But packing for my holiday is really bad. My mom was just controlling the whole thing that makes my bag look so BIG, as if I am going overseas and never come back forever. I wish I can don’t bring sun block as I want my skin to be darker and also it comes with a big bottle. Tell your something, YK is actually good at swimming, he got certificate for it and he do swim as frequently as possible however the skin is not tanned maybe because every time I was order to apply sun block which I never like it. I hate sun block; my skin would be darker right now if I didn’t put any sun block. Come on, I am a guy, skin should be darker. My skin is one of the fairest out of all my friends.

And also my mom just don’t like to read pack list given and said the pack list is nonsense. I wish I am the one who pack the pack. The pack list only required me to bring 4 T-Shirt yet she dumps so many T-Shirt. And she keeps asking me to wear the disposable underwear. I hate it. I never like things that is disposable especially underwear. But I don’t have the choice.

Other problem of my packing is my clothing. I don’t have many clothes. 80% of the clothes I wearing is ‘second hand clothes’ I seldom buy clothes and I now ended up asking people to lend me, but in the end I go and buy a few clothes as nobody wanted to lend me. My clothes are super outdated. Not all but many of them. Problem if you once said ‘no need to spend money on clothes’ and for lifetime, the parent will ask for second hand clothes for you to wear…*sigh*

My bag now looks so big, so bulky [I wonder if I used this word correctly]. Every time when I got a camp, my bag will be one of the biggest in size and people will laugh at me. Maybe that is one of the reasons why I always don’t like to go for camp. And also a problem when you got a very caring parent.

I just hate my bag to be so big; anyone has any idea to solve this? *Sigh*

My Big bag for my coming holiday...

Thursday, July 07, 2005

Blog and my rules...

I had blog for a long time. Starting to blog on December 6, 2003, I became very addicted to blogging.

The very first blog,, was named “Fun of Emotion” at first and changed a lot of time until the next blog born, The reason at that time I started a blog is because I find it is a very way to communicate with other people, I don’t really have friends at that time [even now] and I found the blog world through a classmate who owns a blog earlier than me.

I write my personal life and my thoughts in my blog from time to time. And it’s all started just because I want more people to know more about me as I don’t really express myself in the real world to other people but better in the “internet world” however, I failed to do that but still, it become a interest of me blogging and blogging without fail.

My very first blog post.

On other hand, I also reading on other people blog, one of them is a CEO of NTUC Income, Singapore. See, even CEO is blogging nowadays. The power of blog let you get the latest update of the person life and thoughts which I fail to do that, because I do not have much friends in the real world to read my blog and my blog is too boring to read.

However, there is, still someone of them knows me in real world reading my blog from time to time. Which made me feel happy, let them know what am I doing recently and they give me a lot of encourage words. This year, teacher is reading my blog too, which made me more like writing the blog.

But, I would like to ask for a little request to all people who know me in real world:

Please do not disclose any unnecessary information about my family.

Most importantly, do not mention my blog to any of my family members what you read here including my cousin [bet that you don’t know them, but just in case]. None of the people who got blood related to me should know my blog…

Why I am doing all this? I am going to hide my real identity in the “Internet World” and I might get a nick or something. It is too dangerous! And I don’t want my family members to know my blog.

The most important thing is my family, I need to stress this again, don’t disclose unnecessary information about them.

I might get myself a domain, a web hosting under what I can pay, but all this will be after my second war. It is very important not to let any of my family members know, I am using my own money to buy all those things. Please respect me…

Monday, July 04, 2005

I though no one knew about it...

I though no one knew about it, but today I found out that the secret had leaked long ago…

Since I was young, whenever I had a dream at night will happen exactly in the real world. The thing is I will not know when it will happen nor do I know will it going to happen or not as not all dream will going to happen in the real world.

As soon as I reach age of nine, I keep a small notebook recorded what dream I had the nigh before with the date of the dream and keep them in a small box I got from a friend at that time. From time to time, I will take out the notebook and read about the wonderful dream I had. I will strike out the page when the dream comes into the real world. This secret had kept it with me for many years. No one knows about it, and I am not going to tell anyone. It’s a secret for many years.

One night, I dreamed that Singapore have a very strong earthquake. I was in school in the dream, and I was one of the survivors in school and all the flats around the school had collapsed, including mine. I run to the area I lived. Trying to find my family but there got no result. Latter, I got news that all my family was killed when the flat collapse while they are still sleeping except for my mom who got trap and seriously injured. I run to look for my mom; my heart is confused, just within minutes I lost so many of my loves ones.

I found my mom, who is seriously injured. The doctor said that she can’t live to the next day, wants me to accompany her for the last few hours. I can’t accept it; I will go to be an orphan soon. I am going to be someone who has no one to love with. I spend my mom’s last few hours with her. Seeing her going weaker, I really have no courage to face her death.

While she asks me to look for my sister and brother and my dad, her heartbeat stopped. I had not told what happen to them, non I had told her how much I love her, I hold her hand, not willing to let go. I become an orphan at that time.

I cried and wake up from the dream. I feel wet in my eyes and my mom was just sitting beside me asking me what happen. I am not willing to tell her. And she said “Dream something that are really sad?” I nodded my head. “You are afraid that this dream will come true like other dream you had?” I looked at her, feeling that she knew the secret. “One day while I tidy your room and found a notebook, one page has something happen in to us and you strike out that page. You have six senses in your dream? Your dad and your uncle were thinking that the dream you had will come true in your life. Is it true?” my mom asks, and I nodded to her and told her the whole story. It seem to be unbelievable but latter, I found out that my grandmother have this “power” also.

I though no one knew about it. However but it seem to be not a secret from the start.

This is my essay title. I had a hard time thinking of the idea, the plot and etc. Finally, but it seem that I am over the word limit again. Never mind, I should “open one eye and close one eye” while hand in the paper, pretend I don’t know about it. Ha! Ha!

Amit says he will give me 62/100 base on Indian standard of English and in India, 70 is the passing mark, meaning I fail this essay! Oh well, I need an English tutor I guess.

There is “fiction” and “non-faction” in this story. Some part of this story is true, some are not. Let’s see…
  1. Having six senses dream is true about me. Sometimes my dream can just happen in real world.
  2. However, it is not true that my grandmother have this “power”. I was just thinking to end the story because of her.
  3. But, having dream that Singapore have earthquake is true, but not the location I am at I mention in the essay, is somewhere else near the school.
  4. I did really dream that my mom died but not because of the earthquake and cried when I wake up, but mom was not beside me.
  5. I did not keep a notebook to record my dream, but I do remember how the dream was like even after a long period of time. Why do I need a notebook when I have a digital brain? Just kidding…

What else? I really don’t know. I combined a lot of things with addition of the idea that had strike me. Ha! Ha! If you got any things that wonder you in the essay, feel free to ask me. : )


After I send the story to Amit, he edited it with much better English used and etc. but I am not going to pass up his work, it is not 100% my work. Ha! Ha! Want to read his? Compare the one I wrote [the starting] and the one below [his] and see how much different it is.


    I did not think anyone knew about it, but today I found out about a secret that had leaked long ago. Ever since I was young, whenever I had a dream at night, the occurring events would happen exactly in the real world. However, I can never confirm when the event will happen nor even if the dream will become reality.
    When I was nine years old, I had a small notebook where I would record the events in my dreams that had occurred the night before along with the date. I kept them in a small box my friend had given to me. From time to time, I will take out the notebook and read about the dreams I had. I would strike out the page when the dream became true. I had kept this secret for many years. No one knows about my ability, and I do not have plans to tell anyone. It had been my personal secret for many years.
    One night, I dreamt that Singapore have a very strong earthquake. I was at school. After the catastrophic event, the school suffered extensive damage. I was one of the few survivors. All the flats around the school had collapsed. Then, I ran to the area which I lived to locate my family. They were not present. Later, I learnt that my mother was trapped and severely injured and the rest of my family was killed while sleeping when a flat collapsed. I ran to look for my mom; my heart was confused. Just within minutes, I lost so many of my loves ones.
    I found my mom, who was suffering with pain. The doctor said that she will not live to the next day, and recommended me to accompany her for her last few hours. I could not accept reality; I could not accept that I was going to become an orphan. I spent my mom’s last few hours with her. She gradually became weaker and weaker. I could not accept that she was going to die.
    My mother’s last request was for me to look after my father, brother and sister. After, her heartbeat stopped, and she passed away. I failed to tell her that they were all dead, and I failed to tell how much I loved her. I held her hand and refused to let go. I was now an orphan.
    My dream ended and I woke up. I started to cry. When I woke up, my mother was sitting beside me. I did not want to tell her about my dream.
    She calmly said, “Did you dream something that was sad?” I nodded in my head.
    “Are you are afraid that this dream will come true like the other dream you had?” she continued. I looked at her, feeling that she knew my secret.
    She continued to say, “One day while cleaning your room, I found a notebook. While skimming through it, I encountered a page describing an event that already happened to us. You marked a strike on that page. Do you have a sixth sense in your dream? Your dad and uncle were thinking that the dream you had will come true. Is this true?” I nodded to her, implying an affirmative response. I decided to tell her about my dream. Later, my mother told me that my grandmother also had this sixth sense ability, too.
    I did not think anyone knew about my secret, but it was never a secret.

Sunday, July 03, 2005

Being a teacher is not easy...

I had a hard time today; I have totally no idea what to write for my essay. I do have some idea but most of them don’t really make sense. I have “MOE Letter” essay idea but there is a bunch of people knowing before the letter got send, “I am a millionaire” essay idea but I don’t really know how the plot going to be and etc. Help!!!

Tomorrow will have a tight schedule for the day. Oh well, someone just give me a helping hand, please.

I have been trying very hard to give a perfect work back to the teachers. It’s not easy. On other hand, being a teacher isn’t easy at all.

Image they give the student homework to do, let’s said a class of 40 students. In return, the teacher give themselves 40 homeworks [you see, they have to mark 40 assignments]. The teacher can just simply don’t cares at all if the student didn’t pass up the homework, why bother? But every teacher is doing their best so that the student can do well in the studies, understand the topic and have some practices on what had been taught. But the student, just don’t appreciate what the teachers have done for them.

Yesterday [Friday], the humanities teacher was quite disappointed with the class; reason is because most of them don’t pass up their holiday assignment which is due on Monday. Even though it was due on Monday, the teacher knows that most people haven’t done their homework so she let it extended. On Tuesday, she just feels that only some people have done yet so she collects it on Thursday. Worst, only less than half the class pass up the homework on Thursday. She looks through the assignment that had passed up. For those that have not met the expectation got rejected or add some more information to it. I was one of them that my assignment got rejected. Every people that their name not mark got to stay back in school to finish it by 5 pm. someone said they are hungry, so everyone leave for lunch and got reminded that they have to pass up their work by 5 pm. But guess what? Only 2 people pass up by 5 pm, or should I said 6.30 pm because they teacher “extended” the time due.

My work got rejected. I was complaining, not really happy about it. But I know that there must be something that my assignment got rejected. I bother to leave my things in the school, run back home, explain to my mom over the phone and take whatever resource I have at home and come back to school and redo some of the question. I bother to do it, because it is the task of the student in my point of view.

I finished everything by 4.45pm. I and Dzul were going to pass up by placing our work in the drawer of the teacher at the office. To my horror, none of them pass up at that time. Something was telling me, the class don’t bother at all. On other hand, I was telling myself they go to their friend house to do the assignment or something and will come back to school to pass up the assignment. But the truth is they were not.

Next morning [Friday Morning], I was asking around asking did they pass up their assignment or not. Some of them, or in fact most of them tell me don’t both to pass up, fail humanities is all going to be the teacher fault. But hello, if your never do the assignment, how are you going read up the text and understand better?

After school, the class got lectured by the humanities teacher. People who had not pass up got to stay back to do a new assignment. When they heard that, the class was giving a respond, something not nice, and the tone is as if they were not happy. But who fault is it, the student. The teacher can just don’t bother about it, but they still bother…

Some how they got “release” some of them saw me and start to “scold” me. One of them said this:

“Wah Lau, why you yesterday pass up homework? The whole class got scolded. All your fault, TEACHER’S DOG!”

Yes, they ended their sentence by my nick created by one of my classmate. But I was just doing what was been told. I don’t feel that I am wrong, and I am not the only one who passed up the homework, why blame me? In fact, it’s the people who never pass up the homework’s fault.

Teachers are trying very had, but is the student doing the same thing? What most of the student know is shopping, hand phone, chatting and etc, wasting their time just like that.

Being a teacher, seem like not easy. Should I change my thinking not to be a teacher next time?

It seem to be not easy, or it is actually not easy at all…

Saturday, July 02, 2005

The Project

Finally I finished my project. Not really mine, but my group project. But it seem that something is missing. It is not up to my expectation. *Sigh*, I should think positive, so I think I should said…

Whoosh! Thank goodness I finish today so tomorrow morning when I wake up I can do my homework. I do have quite a lot of homework due to long weekends. And for me, Sunday I got something on morning, which will last until the afternoon if I go for lunch straight away. Never mind, I still so proud of my work I had done! Ha! Ha!

But still, I find that something is missing, I can’t tell what is it. Some feeling already telling me that it is not perfect, not nice. Saw other group’s work. They are nicely designed. Any more idea for this, can anyone tell me what is missing?Do I need more photos? Oh well, let your see some photo of the project first before you tell me the answer…

The overview:

You can't really see it, but it is "Did you know":

The subheader, i like the font a lot. Again, you can't really see it:

And now, got to sleep now... : )

Friday, July 01, 2005

Blog right now!

Sorry for not blogging for the pass few days. I was too busy, believe me, I only have about 2 to 3 hours of sleeping every night. I had changed how I study. That’s why…

Everyday I will return home and do some wash up and some homework, then I will sleep until dinner time. After dinner time I will do all my homework and do some preparation work for the next lesson. Ha! Ha! That’s why I only got a few hours of sleep. Don’t worry too much; the sleep will "pay back" by the next afternoon sleeping.

By the way, I heard (meaning I don't know if its true, heard from a teacher if my memory is correct.) that every of our school teacher paid $14 to buy us a highlighter for each of every student in the school for Youth day coming this Sunday. But till now we haven’t got it, but never mind. But I don’t think it’s fair enough for the teacher to pay. I mean, some students like me give the teacher so many troubles yet the teacher had to paid money to buy the highlighter though the school for them. And if I am not wrong, last year the gift from the school is also highlighters. Can the school have something different next year? I would like to request the school give everyone a time planner. Its good and my time planer this year was like too many things inside. Sometimes not enough space to write in it. This can show how busy I am. So please, can the school give us a time planner, or if it the school fund problem, just a notebook for us to take notes? Please…something different will do : ).

Nothing much had happen recently but this few days had given me some idea on the topic I should talk in my blog:

1. Be a teacher is not easy…
2. Teacher VS “cher”
3. One man work.

All those entry idea was gotten from school life, between conversation with some of my classmate and/ or some of my thoughts. Going to post them soon, will post one or two tonight before I went to sleep.

Ok, got to back on my project now. Why so many thing to do this week?!?!?!