Tuesday, June 28, 2005

Back To School

I was quite excited to go back to school again. But somehow feel nervous due to the bad entry I made few days ago [You know which entry I am referring to]. Quite relif to know that my form teacher is still reading blog even though she never “tag” or leave comments : ), and she read about the entry I made. Thank goodness she would not say anything, but I still feel don’t right, bad. As in, principal is someone I need to RESPECT her but I made that kind of entry. Oh well, if I really got a place to host my blog [meaning it will no longer “blogspot.com” but something else], all the bad entry about other people will not transfer to the new server, it will going to be deleted or hide it and not showing off, only for my “fun” reading only.

Today was still a busy day. Not really said busy but I was trying to dig out whatever things I had learn during the holidays. And I glad that my Math teacher said my math had improve. I had not asked a question to her yet! Amazing eh? Going to be very happy because I know quite a lot of stuff before school reopen. In other words, I don’t have to dump all the things in my brain in a short time before the next test. See, other good things about study during holidays and not go out and play. = )

I found that I had at least 30 readers of my blog. And none of them was leaving comments and etc. Why?! Why my visitors like to give me comments over MSN? Is MSN easier eh? Teacher who reading my blog without leaving comments or tag, I understand. They are very busy reading other people blog too, and very busy with other stuff. Oh well, just for your information, I will not online in MSN as much as before, I will put it as “appear offline” due to I get more busier than before. If I am online and put “busy” and people still talk to me about movie and etc, how am I going to forces the things I am doing? Sorry guys, I am force to do that…

Quite happy for some of you that enjoys your holidays! So I will make a “My June Holiday” entry soon or latter. I promise, ok? And got some of the times I would like to blog about like “Teacher VS “cher””. Just give me times to blog ok?

Got to continue of my preparation of my tomorrow lesson, I still don’t get what the accounting “Source Document” is talking about. NEED TO WORK HARD!!!

Sunday, June 26, 2005

MOE Letter hit me again...

It suddenly hit me, the MOE Letter. Even though it had already pass more then one year, but it seem that there is a dot untie.

From time to time, “MOE Letter” case will suddenly hit me. Even waiting for a bus, reading a book and etc, suddenly I will have this thing come to my mind, “why I will send this stupid MOE Letter that time?” Worst still, I wonder why OM told my mom that I am a gangster, when I am not [of course] and they don’t listen to my explanation to the “friendster” case. I didn’t log in to this stupid friendster for a long time. Some how I got a surprise when they said I post something bad about OM in friendster, and the dear OM said I lied. Problem with me when someone no longer trusts me because of “MOE Letter”, I had lost trust from the school.

That time I send the MOE letter because of I am not really happy about he took off people’s shoes because they don’t go for DC. But poor me, I am not a victim so I just write out the “introduction” and the rest wrote the content. It really happens that we send the letter without an address, we just wrote “to MOE Building, IMPORTANT LETTER”. But somehow it received, and sends back t the school by fax. So the principal came to the class, “lecture” us about it. Maybe the rest had forgotten. But I can remember what she said; it affects me a lot at that time.

And without other support at that time, everyone is avoiding me, thinking I am the one who told the school about the letter so everyone get punish. People point at me when I walk pass them, be it I know them or not. I am totally lost at that time.

Worst, after few days, “friendster case” came. Without my fault, I got punish. Some people though that I am the one who create the account “for” OM, which I didn’t.

People only though for themself, hope that they will not get punish. Yes, their wish come true, in the end, they got no punish. Some to hide the truth, they told their teachers and parent that I give them blank paper to sign their name and they don’t know anything. Even once, a parent come and scold me for that, when the son is dishonest to his parent because he want to protect himself, but forgot about me. And me, I my last year June Holiday gone plus two stroke of the cane plus facing “almost get kick out of the school” fate. But no body ask me how I feel; only ask what happen in the process in MOE Letter and punishment. Never though of my feeling at all.

Someone told me this “You had changed a lot since the MOE Letter, become hardworking and quieter.” But the fact is I still can’t accept the fact. Every time when someone talks about this, I really want to dig a hole and hide myself. This year in classroom, someone suddenly talk about it, and I really wanted to go to the washroom, wanted to cry at that time. But I use “smile” to answer back. Not because I feel nothing. It is because I wish I feel nothing, but I can’t.

Even though have some interaction with OM and DM, we went hiking with a group of people and etc. but still, the hurt of the letter is still there. Even though I have known them better, think that they are not that bad, the scar seem to be never heal.

Still remember the SFC? We went hiking [as mention above] and etc. OM asks me to turn back and he took a photo of me using his hand phone. After the letter case, I though he will hate me forever but it is not the case, in fact I am really happy talking to him any topic during the hiking.

When I will no longer get “hit” by the MOE Letter? When will people care about my feeling? I wonder why I do so much for them yet they don’t feel it. I am just ask two things from your, if your feel it. Just said a “Thank You”, and stop talking about the MOE Letter, I am not going to ask for anything else. You may continue calling my nick Irfan create for me “Teacher Dog” and etc. Just, just grant me this wish. Please…

I wonder will my classmate or schoolmate read it. But hope they do and understand my feeling.


I would like to thank the following people after the MOE Letter; some might get miss out, but please forgive me.

Seri – Who helped me a lot and done a lot for the class. Thank You! She is very busy, busier than me, but she never fails to answer every question I ask. Without her, I might now still suffer in my homework problem.

Miss JC – She is the one who give me “strength” to do things for the class. If not her, I might do nothing for the class at all. She gave me this “English rep” to do, and I start off from there. She might know about the letter, yet she didn’t avoid me. [I wonder s she read this entry…]

Dzul – He is someone who had been with me in class. Without him, I might have no this “power” to study hard and don’t know there are so many people in Singapore who suffer more than me. Even though he is very Nagy, who always ask me to see a doctor when I am sick, but I know, only true friend does that. : )
And the teachers didn’t talk about the letter after it is over.

Once again, a big
for all of them.

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Feeling a bit sick, yet still got tons of things undone.

Having different nightmare every night since last week, from Singapore earthquake to me get kick out of school due to my blog. It’s scary, and everything seems to be real, just hope that it will not happen.

Nightmare, nightmare, nightmare, when will you leave me alone?

Better go to sleep now to see new “adventure” nightmare. Might post some nightmare entry some times latter, stay tune! It’s funny.


By the way, if you only read the blog, you might also explore the whole website. This blog is not just blog; it has some goodies for you, all under “Move Around”.
And also, who is interested to host me? I need FTP or C Panel. Need to have PHP, stuff like that. Will post more information about it tomorrow due to it is late now. In fact, I already send in some application. Just hope someone will accept.


Good night, sweet dream, no nightmare!

Thursday, June 23, 2005

I am Lainie Yeoh...

Congratulations Tan Yong Kian, you are...

Lainie Yeoh of tabulas.com/~lainie

You are funny, smart, experimental, sarcastic and artistic. You can be mean and obnoxious if you want to but most the time you're just a soft, romantic and sentimental person. Come to think of it, you are kinda like a durian - hard and thorny on the outside, but soft and sweet (not smelly) on the inside. You're always getting into trouble whether you like it or not. Your friends play a big part in your life and rightfully so because you'll never give up an opportunity to help them out if they ask. You are the life of the party.

Which Malaysian Blogger Are You?

Did this at Kenny Sia website, still remember “which Singaporeans Blogger are you?”? Now come with a version of Malaysian Blogger. Ha! Ha!

Again, same thing like what happen few weeks ago, its show a lady. But thank goodness that this time round didn’t says that I am beautiful. Ha! But glad that I got this result. I should talk about it one by one even though it is late now…

It’s says that I am funny right in the being. I never think that I am funny; I am a very super boring person even though sometimes I still can jokes around during my work. ; )

Next it’s said I am smart. Thank you, Thank you. But if I am smart, I won’t be level position 16, but I will in top 10. Never mind, aim for top 10 for end of year.

Experimental? Do “dissection” of computers and study what it is inside call experimental? What is experimental? I am not good in science anyway.

Artistic?! I want to laugh out loud! I never good in art, I don’t have that thing call “creative” I always lack of creative no matter what. Still remember I took a flash course and we have to come out with a flash movie. I lack of creative but I got all the skills of that stupid programme. In fact, I am the fastest learner in that class. But my work did not come out to be good because of creative. In the last few lesson, even tough I no need to go for a workshop, I still return to helps others. Got this 3 lady was like, having lots of creative ideas but just lack the other important thing, skills so they said what they want and I helped them. In the end, their work got send for international competition but not me: ( Never mind, again complaining about the pass…

Yes, I can be very, super evil to you. Ha! Ever seen an angry, fierce YK before? I don’t think so much in school. I can be super evil to girls especially the one who fallen in love on me. Ha! Ha!

I am soft, romantic…Eh, if I am romantic, thousand of girls will line up and want me to be their boyfriend! Just kidding. I never know am I romantic or not, due to work. Love? Talk about it next time in about 20000 years latter.

But I don’t think I always get into deep trouble, but deep work load. Ha! Ha! Last getting into trouble is last year because of MOE letter and etc. *sigh* better don’t talk about it anymore.

Me, myself don’t even know I got any friends or not. Does my classmate treat me as friends? In fact I should say I almost don’t have real, true friend in my life. But when someone needs help, I will help. No matter how much hate towards that person, when that person needs help, YK come to rescue!

Oh well, better sleep now. Tomorrow have a long entry to make in blog. Good night! No, it should be Good Morning! Ha! Ha! [ Now time, 4.14 AM]

Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Junyuan principal...

I had a great chat with Jacelyn, a kind lady who own this site.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
From her entry...

So as you can see, we are talking about my school, Junyuan. The following post is “jokes” by Jacelyn and I add some boring jokes in the end. This entry is just for entertainment. If the school see this entry and want to punish me, please read the disclaimer at the end of this entry before punish me. I don’t want the same thing last year happen to me again.

We were talking about our school, told her about MOE letter, friendster case which both happen last year and our paper cost and etc. So I show Jacelyn our school website, you know our school website got some of the principal photo. So first, she saw this at the Main page:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

And Jaclyn said, she selling gas one is it? She wear like the one whom selling gas in our area.

Ha! Ha! I was laughing non-stop when she type that on MSN. If I am not wrong, she is referring to the gas that houses use to cook with it in Singapore. Think of it, it still funny. Ha! Ha! Like this one:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
Sorry for unclear photo.

Latte on, Jacelyn saw other photo of our principal and here is the photo:

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Jaclyn typed: OMG! Ghost!!!

Ha! Ha! But honestly, if she [the principal] wear that on the street during mid-night and I don’t know about her [let said she is not our principal], I will shout “Ghost!!!” and fainted. Ha! Ha! Being kind hearted of her [Hope so…] might send me to hospital, when I wake up in hospital, the first thing I saw her and might shout “Ghost!!!” and fainted again.

So isn’t funny? That’s why I told her that she is funny. I was laughing non-stop until I have cramp on my face.

Ok, so talking about this new principal, I think [If I am not wrong] she is the one who came out with the idea of each teacher have limited paper. In accounting, there is something call paper cost if I am not wrong. So maybe she thinks the school’s paper cost is too high so came out with this policy. This also encourages not printing notes for their student.

In office:
Principal: I would like to announce that to cut down the paper cost so we can save the school fund, each teacher will only given two rams of paper.

And that will cause two things to happen:


Teacher: due to lack of paper, you got to copy word by word of the PowerPoint slide that I will go through later. Please copy as fast as you could because I am not waiting for anyone.
*student copying the wordy screen*

In long period of time, one student finger got swollen. [Reason posted after “Two”]


Teacher: Due to lack of paper, I go outside and brought paper and print notes for your. So everyone got to pay $2 to me by tomorrow.
Student: Wahhh….
Boy A: today cannot eat again….

Both happen to me. If you had notice, my right hand’s middle got swollen. I did see the doctor and doctor said it might caused by long period of writing non-stop. The pen gives the finger pressure that because the finger to swollen. It can’t be heal but it can be done by operation which I reject the offer he made.

And for the $2 thing, as you know I only got $2 per schooling day. So I paid for the notes and went into huger during recess on that day itself. That caused me have gastric pain [yes, I got gastric problem]. So I hold the pain till 6pm [due to CCA], go back home and eat something. Poor me, I got sick after that. *sigh*

Em….jokes entry become a “school problem” entry? Oh well, still hope that you have a great laugh!

Disclaimer for the school:
This entry is just for fun and it’s my point of view. If the school found this entry and not happy about this, the school can have the right to ask for the entry to take down and do nothing else to YK. Remember: Student got their own thinking; they need place to voice out.

Tuesday, June 21, 2005

My Grilfriend

I am glad that someone got excited from my last post, the ending part when I announce that I think I found my lover. Here is more Information, In fact, more look like a YK Style poem.

She sometime makes it happy,
And sometimes make me excited for my upcoming life.
But sometime she makes me depress,
And wanted to end my life because of her.
When ever I think of her,
All my other trouble will wash away.
But one thing can be true is,
I had fallen in love.
If she really my girlfriend,
People will though I am crazy.
She, the powerful creature I ever met.

So don’t you think that my girlfriend is powerful right? Let me official announce that my girlfriend name is ...

** *
** *

** *


So now let’s see some picture of her…

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

A red file that contant important information.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Let's hug my girlfriend!

Image hosted by Photobucket.com
I can spend more time with her because of them.

Sorry for any disappointment. I don’t mean to but I will make WORK as my girlfriend now. And soon or latter, will become my fourth wife. *Maybe visitor may send YK to metal Hospital for a check up?* Ha! Ha!

Once again, sorry for any disappointment.

Monday, June 20, 2005

Just complaining

Has you can see, the template had change. I had made it as user friendly as possible. If you still not happy with the template, I got nothing to say. I am just not in a mood in making a new template. But if you think you can make a better than this one, then make for me. People who don’t know how to design a website always said bad things abut other people site. They though it’s just cut and paste the code. They don’t know how hard to design a website from graphic to coding to the content, to make it as user friendly as possible.

Ok, Just for information, I spend about 30 hours on this template. Maybe to other web designer it is not long enough but thinks about me, my time schedule got more and more tight. I need air to breath.

I shall stop complaining. Complaining life can’t change how life is about, why spend time complaining? As well spend the time solve every single problem in our life.

From today (Monday) to the end of the week, I might go into “super busy mode”. I got lots of Notes and things undone, and I need to revise my work too. Can’t god give us 48 hours a day instead of 24 hours? That’s is why I can’t went to the “fun thing” by Tampines Student IC and etc. Just want to said sorry....I just too busy, I wonder why, other student just so free.

Might go for a haircut tomorrow by my mom friend. I just love her cutting my hair. Her shop is super cool! Ha! Get ready to spend some cash in her shop. Might want her to make my hair don’t look so messy. You know, my hair always look like grass when it not waxed, and I don’t know how to wax my hair. It seems to be easy but my hair doesn’t seem to be waxed no matter how much I put. *Sigh* Why my life had gone into worst stage? Even hair gives me problem.

I think I found my girlfriend…yea, “girlfriend” Maybe post more about it tomorrow. Late now…Good Night.

Friday, June 17, 2005

Happy Thoughts

As I promise that I will blog this one day, and finally today I am going to blog about Happy Thoughts.

The night before, I had been thinking ‘should me really blog about this? Will I have lots of things to say about Happy Thoughts of my life?’ and the answer to me is ‘maybe’.

I got most of my happiness from my Work Place. Where I work and do my stuff. To be honest, I do almost everything there. From study to work even sleeping! Or maybe I had changed my bedroom to Work Place.

Maybe on other people eyes, I am a person who is very strict in the work [not really in school], but they don’t know that I don’t mean to. I just want perfection in my work, in my normal life time, I am not that strict. In fact, I am trying very hard to find happiness in my work. Yes I do, Find happiness in my work.

Here is a list of happiness I can get from. It’s just a few.

Study Notes:
Whenever I finish one chapter of study notes, I feel proud, I feel happy, and the feeling is hard to put in words. After I finish the notes, I make it downloadable and send it to some of my friends. Some don’t get internet access, so I print for them and give it to them on the next them and when they said the most powerful words in the world, ‘Thank you’, is already ‘enough’ for me.

When teaching the primary one kid, the smiles on their face always brighten my day. Even after a long tiring day, after searching for pictures for their counting worksheet, when I see their smiles, all the tiredness will just wash away by their smiles.

Computer, a very powerful invention for the world bring me other happiness as I can explore this mystery computer world include; computer repair, web design, Photoshop, Flash, FTP and etc. Mind, mind, mind, people who know always don’t really want to teach especially for computer repair because it is their ‘rice bow’.

Acting or helping in backstage for either musical or normal drama is always the fun thing to do. And it is other happiness by here that hardly put in words. The most memorable production I act is a production in 2002, 19th and 20th Jan. Still remember I was cried so badly during the play for the 2 days when my ‘father’ was killed in the scene.

Music Production:
Many people don’t know that I compose song and music. I only do this when I got the ‘feeling’. Doing all this is to express all my unhappiness. After that, I feel happy again!

Maybe your think YK don’t play games, but here are some of the games I do play to ‘distresses’.

Neopet.com: Sutek's Tomb
It’s a really fun game. I always play it with my mother. I really love this game; help my brain to works when it did not work properly. To some of you, this game only to give you stress. Try Zen Mode game. But for me, easy and Zen mode game is useless. I always play hard mode game! Ha! Ha!

Yahoo! Game: Bejeweled 2
This game works just like Stuck Tomb. It just that this game shows in a small screen, much hard, more fun! With more power gems, his game is easier to play. Now my mother is ‘attracted’ to this game. But she never breaks my level 7 record. Ha! Ha!

It’s impossible to list all here. But those are just to let your get an idea about it. Maybe it is nothing got to do with ‘Happy Thoughts’ but now, hope that your know my life isn’t that boring!

Thursday, June 16, 2005

Coffee with work

Now do my table look neat? Ha! Ha! A coffee a day brighten the rest of the day. Can you see a cup of coffee beside my laptop?

Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Singlish VS English

Just for laugh, taken from here. And you have to laught when you finish readng it. :)

When going shopping
× Britains: I'm sorry sir but we don't seemed to have the sweater you want in your size, but if you would give me a moment, I can call the other outlets for you.
× Singaporeans: No Stock!

When returning a call
× Britains: Hello, this is Mr Bean. Did anyone page me a few moments ago?
× Singaporeans: Hello, who page?

When someone is in the way
× Britains: Excuse me, I'd like to get by. Would you please make way?
× Singaporeans: Lai, siam! / Siam hor / Skius! (excuse)

When someone offers to pay
× Britains: Hey, put your wallet away, this drink's on me.
× Singaporeans: No need lah!

When asking for permission
× Britains: Excuse me, but do you think it would be possible for me to enter through this door?
× Singaporeans: (While pointing at the door) Can pass or not?

When asking to be excused
× Britains: If you would excuse me for a moment, I have to go to the gents/ladies. Carry on without me, it would only take a moment.
× Singaporeans: Go toilet! Buay tahan ahh...

When doubting someone
× Britains: I don't recall you giving me the money.
× Singaporeans: Got meh?

When disagreeing on a topic of discussion
× British: Err. Tom, I have to stop you there. I understand where you are coming from but I really have to disagree with what you said about the policy.
× Singaporeans: Talk cock lah you!

When asking someone to lower their voice
× Britains: Excuse me, but could you lower your voice, I'm trying to concentrate over here.
× Singaporeans: Eh, Tiam leh!

When asking someone if he or she knows you
× Britains: Excuse me, but I noticed you staring at me for some time. Do I know you?
× S'poreans: See what see?! Buay Song ah!

Original Software VS Pirated Software

Just a few update on the site before I go to what I want to said…
  • At lease someone ask question in Question & Answer Section, Thank to that somebody!
  • One more subject added in notes section, Chemistry. I try to finish as many notes as I can while I revise my work. I am thinking of adding Biology. I see what I can do about it.
  • Each every template will last at least 6 months to one year before a new one will replace. So the next layout should be out by late November or early December, I will try! In fact, I already got some idea. I am sorry for a super bad template for the one the site is using. But please, I am super BUSY!

Ok, finished the update. Go on to my thoughts of the day…

When we are a copyright holder of software, we will go against pirated software. If you are a person who doesn’t even know the different between pirated software and original software in Singapore, I will say a few to you now.

In Singapore, Original Software price can go as high as $300 and above but for pirated software, the highest you will get is $12 and as low as $8. Sometimes when you buy 3 software at a time, you will get 50% discount on the third software you brought.

Does pirated software sound attractive to you? Now talk about bad things about them.

Sometimes the serial number given didn’t match with the product. Or maybe the Software you brought came with an empty CD, nothing inside. But you don’t really worry about that, you are allowed to exchange when the software has any problem. But the problem is shop that sell pirated software move from time to time. So before you leave the shop, asks the person that tomorrow will this shop still open?

Ok, so have some idea how pirated software works? Perfect, now I should go into topic.

Computer and Internet is design in a special way that no matter what you did, copyright holder can know you are using original software or pirated, ISP will know what you are doing in the internet, webmaster will know where your location, ISP and etc. Even police, when they want to track things in your computer but you reformat it, they got a way unformatted it. So you never able to escape the law! So now, still dare to download mp3 from the internet?

On the other hand, Microsoft got a way to know you are using original software or pirated. Like Window XP, if you use a pirated one, get ready to get a lawyer letter from Microsoft. They don’t really do it often but they did it before. Same goes to other Microsoft product like Microsoft Office and etc.

But will the copyright holder thinks for the poor? All they think is making money. Most people in Singapore earn about one thousand to two thousand. They still have to pay a lot of things! When will they get enough money to buy original software? And students like me, who got $2 per schooling day. Only need to ‘suffer’ by not eating for 3 to 4 days to buy pirated software. But if I want to buy original software, when will I able to get it and how much do I have to ‘suffer’?

It’s just a little though of the day. May be just because I brought 3 pirated software yesterday. Ha! Ha!

Tuesday, June 14, 2005

I am worrying that…

I am worrying that…

I might not able to finish my notes by next week; it’s my goal for my one-month holiday.

I might not able to come out with 5 stories by next week; it’s my other goal for my holiday.

I might not able to come out with the tutorials that I had planned.

I might not able…

In short, I am worrying that I might not able to finish what I got to do in holidays. Oh, why my things seem to be endless???

Monday, June 13, 2005

Congratulations Tan Yong Kian, you are...

Scarlett Ting of joewei.blogspot.com

You are independent, smart and beautiful. Its too bad you don't see that yourself because life's little difficulties brought down a lot of your self confidence. As a result, you talk cryptic and you don't trust people easily. You care a lot for your friends and your loved ones, sometimes even more than you care for yourself, although they don't always seem to appreciate it. Don't let that affect you. As the saying goes, you don't miss the water till the well runs dry. So hang in there, you're a star in the making.

Which Singaporean Blogger Are You?

I am quite sad when I saw the result. I mean I am a guy yet it gives me a girl result, and even worst, the result says I am ‘beautiful’. Ha! Ha! Kenny Sia! Wrong Lah! Even you want to said I am good looking, must said I am handsome. Not beautiful! Beautiful refers to girls, guys is handsome. By the way, I look ugly; I don’t have a good looking…

And mind you, the last question is hard to answer, I know, because I lied on that question. I think this whole thing is just for fun isn’t?

But overall, I am quite happy with what it said. Ha! Ha! By the way, do I really that care about others? I didn’t really notice that until the Class BBQ and Seri entry.

Caring others is like repaying what my angle done for me for my life. Without her, I might not even blogging now, I might in other world now…

Well, too much things your did not know during my life since I was bone till now. It’s way too much. Maybe I will post summary of year soon.

If only I turn the clock back to the history, I would like to change many things. Maybe if I change it, my life would be better. But, if I change it, I won’t know people I am studying with them now, they are wonderful people in my eyes.

Ok, better stop now before I cry again.

Before I leave, introducing Question & Answer Section

Good night…

Sunday, June 12, 2005

Just a Photo of my New Laptop. :)

Saturday, June 11, 2005

Wasn’t that bad...

Today wasn’t that bad. At lease I got to rest from time to time but I just finish my dinner. It’s still quite a tiring day BUT…

I got $200 cheque. Whoosh! And other problem came; I don’t know how to bank the cheque into my bank account. Cheque come from Bursary I got today. Got my mom to bank it for me and will going to give her 50% of it. Ha! Ha! Information: YK bank account going to be rich again. Rob me if you want to. Just kidding…Ha! Ha!

I got quite a lot of things to do, and I found that I have been a very clever guy in the world. I combine study and website together. Helps me to learn better. Ha! Ha! One good example is the Notes Section. Ha!

Not forgetting I want this blog to be famous. Lots of people coming here, reading my life, download things and listen to music in my blog. Also show my ‘talent’ in graphic and web design (not in this template) in this blog. Ha! How clever am…

Oh well, got to work now. Before I stop, here is a photo of the envelope that contains the cheque for the Bursary I got today.

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Click here to view large version


Just to said something about this site…

  1. This template will change from time to time. The ‘changes’ will be only the header and the colour of the site only. This is just version 1.4
  2. And also, the notes are uploaded and now viewable and downloadable. Enjoy!
  3. Please do explore the site, the things on top like about, music, visitor and etc is click able. It will bring you to other page, other information or other goodies for you.

Tomorrow will be a super busy day for me. I need to go to the ceremony of the bursary which start at 3pm and end at 5pm and I need to be there at 2pm. Need to rush back home after the ceremony, change my cloth within 30 minutes and set off to PC at Paya Lebar CISCO by 5.30pm and I think I only can eat my dinner at about 11pm. Oh god, what kind of holiday I am having? Given so many things to do, yet so little time given.

My Do-To-List is getting longer and longer no matter how hard I tried to finish it. If I am going to list the Do-To-List, everyone will be crazy because it is too long…

Oh well, I guess better stop blogging before I got no time to finish it…

Friday, June 10, 2005

Class BBQ

My hands are itch again and I need to blog now, about my class BBQ on Tuesday.

This BBQ let me have an “open eyes” on how my dear classmate really is. Most of them are putting a mask when coming to school. You can’t tell them that they are in a gang; non-they is a smoker when they are underage.

Maybe to some of you, smoking is not a big deal. But, to one of my classmate, he smoke, I really wanted to shout at him. I mean his size is the biggest in our class, he cannot run and etc and he still dare to smoke! I do have some western medical knowledge and I think it will go to be super bad for his health. One day, he will get stroke for sure. Or maybe can’t even reach his 21 birthday. I wish to talk to him, but he treats me like his enemy. When he needs help look for me, when problem solve, he will hate me again. Ha! Ha! Whatever it is, the life is his, not mine. Since he gives me names like ‘teacher’s dog’ why should I bother about it?

And today when I went to Seri blog, and I saw my big name in the entry. Ha! Ha! Read about it. I do quit angry also. In fact, I am angry a lot of things in the BBQ… I brough the food home, and let my dad taste it because one classmate keep saying the prawn is not cooked and throw away the prawn when he didn’t finish. Not one or two prawn but lots f prawn was thrown away… from my dad information, the prawn for the class BBQ that night was call Tiger Prawn. It is consider ‘high class prawn’ and it quit expensive. The prawn is over cooked, not uncooked. He even scold me for overcook that expensive prawn. All faults goes to one of my classmate. He even throw away the ‘high class prawn’, how wasted!

But my dad was praising the chicken wing for the seasoning. Ha! Ha! Good work Seri!

For your information, my dad work as a ‘cook’ in the tallest hotel in Singapore. That’s why I bring the food to let him comment. Ha!

Oh well, some bring their friends and treat me and Seri as their ‘maid’, want us to serve food and etc like as if they do anything. Some of them even threaten one of us until she cried so badly. Oh, is this a Class BBQ or Friends BBQ?

I am not trying to say something. At least you must ask the person or the group of people who organize this BBQ for permission to bring friends here first.

May be I am not going to any BBQ again for the time being. I am not got a fear when someone asks me to go out for BBQ. I don’t know why. The fear just comes for no reason. Maybe because of the heat of the BBQ, I was BBQ the food for quite a log time. I think I am BBQ myself also! Ha! Ha! Or is it the threatening happen to one of the classmate? Scary….

Oh well, it just my view… and just want to voice out. If you are angry about this post, cool down and sorry.

Thursday, June 09, 2005

Time flies...

Whoosh! I can’t believe it, I almost done with this website! Oh well, even though it is not that complete, but I will try to make it finish as soon as possible. For example, the study notes, I will try to make it downloadable by tomorrow. And more goodies to the visitor, I promises!

Time really flies; I had used my second blog for half year. Meaning, I had been sec 3 for half year. Less than half year to Sec 3 End Of Year, less than one year to sec 4 mid- year (or maybe sec 3 mid-year again), if everything’s goes well, less than one and a half year to ‘N’ Level Cambridge Exam. It’s an exam to determine me to go to ‘O’ Level or never ever touch ‘O’ level things again. I hope I just hoping that it will never happen to me.

When I want to do something, something or someone will try its best to block me to do that thing. I wonder why, isn’t someone who wants to study is a good thing? I used to hate study, but something just change my whole life, because of that, I fallen in love in study.

Still remember that one day I want to a bookstore and want to look for more assignment book with my mother. While I was looking for book, my mother was talking to a staff there. She said, “don’t know why my son change into other person. Keep buying books like no body business. Waste money.” And I love the person who replies my mother. “It’s better than you buy but he don’t want right?” It reminds me of few years ago, my mom saw my result going down and brought one assignment book for me. Because of that, I scold her or something. Ha! Being a kid at a age of nine years old at that time was a kind of don’t know how good people around me is for my own good. But my parent never ever gives me any stress. All they want is I can pass my exam…

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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Story behind the site

When I was asked to start a new blog, I ask myself, “for the third blog of my life, what do I want? What is the theme for the third blog?” and one day, one of my friends comments on my second blog. She said “your blog should go to the news paper headline, so interesting. Your blog is like a student blog with up and down. Your school life is too interesting to read. It just that it is too long.” That’s come an idea of my third blog theme, “A student blog with UP & DOWN”. I do believe, everyone life is UP & DOWN, everyone have their own story to say for their UP & DOWN in their life. Even student, student not only face study stress, they also face family stress and etc. Students have their own story to say too. And me, as a student and also a not normal guy, I have too much to say for my life. That’s why, I can’t live without blog, and the third blog had created.

The third blog, “A student blog with UP & DOWN” is not only blog; the whole thing is “YKWorkPlace”. It’s a place for me to share my work. I do feel proud when people using my work, I do feel happy when I heard comments on my work no matter it is good or bad comments. So here, you not only read my blog, you can download things I had made or prepare. All you just to do is fellow the instructions given on the page.

I hope you enjoy your stay here, and the one who will blog in this site will always me, Yong Kian.

The Guy who is behind the site

Tan Yong Kian Lionel 陈永

I am a Chinese living in Singapore since I was born on 25th May 1990. People who come to this site are most likely people who know me in real world. However, if you are not, here is short information about me.

I am a guy, considering I am a super-boring guy.
15 years old this year, hope I never grow up.
Tons of things for me to do, my work is endless.

I started this blog because I want people around me, people who are working with me know me better. I find that I can express better over the Internet than face to face. I post how my life going, how hard life is for a guy like me. I am not a normal guy. Not normal at all. You just got to read my blog entry almost daily to find out.

I got nothing much to write about myself. I never know myself better than others. That’s why, this blog is acting like a minor of myself, and it will reflect what I had done to me or to others and re-discovery of myself.

That’s will be always me, Yong Kian

“The Reason”

It’s a story that make up from my mind base on the song “The Reason” by Hoobastank.

John and Sue grown up together while they were young. They go to school together, play together and sometime eat together. Their friend relationship was so good that they become best friend after all.

When Sue grown up, she was pretty and become a stewardess and earns a lot of money from both job and stock. John becomes an accountant in a big company. One day, John buy stock but make a big lose from it so he use the company fund to pay his lose however, he got caught for doing that. He got charge and not only that; he also left with huge sum of money to pay.

He came out an idea. He knows where Sue put her life saving and how to get into her house. He will enter the house and took her life saving and when he have money to pay back, he will return the money to Sue and try to explain what happen. However, when he did what he plans, Sue saw everything and wants to call the police. John had no choice to ran away and set a small fire at the door of the house so that Sue can’t catch him but the fire spread so quickly and Sue got trapped in the fire. A fireman saved Sue and she was send to a hospital for treatment.

Sue can’t longer be a stewardess as she got scars on her face and when people saw her, they got a shock and leave her alone. Sue was very sad and lonely. John hears about that and went to find Sue however, Sue doesn’t want to see him and hear his explanation. She wants to give up John no matter what John did and said to her after what happen. John want to be a better person and want to change and want Sue to hear his reason for doing that as he found that he can’t live without her so he wrote a song to her hope that one day, she will listen to his reason and forgive him what he had done to her.

Written by: Yong Kian (YK)

The Day I Got Caught

I love to go to the cinema to watch movie. Every week without fail I will went to the cinema to catch a movie with my friend, Sam, Ben, Lionel, and Carl. As the time passed, we found that we had spent too much money on movie until we do not have enough money for saving and spend on other things. We try to watch movie once per month so that we can save more money however, we found that we can’t do that. We will feel uneasy if we did not watch movie for more than 1 week in front of the gigantic screen. So we start to think of a “one stone kill two bird”.

One night, Sam said “Hi” to me using MSN Messenger and said he got a “one stone kill two bird” solution so that we can watch movie in front of the gigantic screen every week and also save money. I was curious about it and want Sam to tell me more about it however Sam got to offline and said will talk about it in school tomorrow.

“Ring…” the sound of the ring sounded. The student rushed out of the classroom because the school had ended. Sam, Ben, Lionel and I were at the school canteen and Sam was talking about the plan he have. He asked secretly “ remember the tunnel which we use after each movie to leave the cinema?” the rest nod their head and Sam continued, “ While we can use that tunnel to enter the cinema and watch the movie.” We looked at each other and wonders will this method works. Will we got caught? Lots of question started to appear in our mind. Sam said bravely that he would do this first and send an SMS to tell us he successes or not and we will know does this method works.

In our first try, we did it very successfully and we watched “Harry Potter” for free. We did it again and again without getting got caught. After each movie, we will flit the place. We did it for months and found that we saved a lot of money from that and we can buy more things then before. We went deeper and deeper. Nobody correct us, nobody know what we are doing. Until one day, we use the same method to watch the movie for free. Before the movie started, the staff came into the cinema and asked to check the ticket again seat-by-seat, row-by-row. This time round we got nervous. We are worry about getting caught. We try to escape but it was too late. The staff demanded we to produce the ticket for him to check. We said we are leaving but he wanted us to produce the ticket before leaving. We got no choice to tell them the truth. The staff brought us to the office to see the manger.

We plodded to the office and wish we will never reach the office. “Please give us another chance. We promises we will change and return your loses caused from us,” pleaded us to the manger when we reached the office. “Oh, shut up and keep quite!” snapped the irate manger. “I will call your parent and the police about it.” Said the manger angrily. “Everyone do make mistake. I will give you’re a chance and I hope your will take this as a lesson. I will only phone your parent and want them to come here and fetch your and pay up the money before your go. Please learn your lesson. Don’t make the same mistake again.” When we heard that, we were relived. Even though our parents scolded us, we glad that the manger gave us chance and learnt a very important lesson that is benefit from illegal move is wrong and will get caught one day. So never do things that you know it is wrong because you never know what will happen next. And the last thing is forgiveness is gift. Forgive someone will brighten you and their life.
Written by: Yong Kian
By the way, this is not a true story...


“Sam, can you lend me some money for my business?” John said it to Sam in a low voice at the coffee shop. “Please, just lend me about ten thousand and I promises you I will return the money to you. My business is losing money and I need it to pay all my credit on my business if not I will have to close my business.” Pleaded John when Sam was thinking to lend him money again to save his business. “I had lend you over fifty thousand for your business and you said you will return me the money but after two years, you still did not return my money and still ask for more!” Sam shouted angrily and people who were at the coffee shop looking at him so he started to be claim. “I do not have ten thousand to lend you. I almost lend you all my life saving.” Said Sam while trying to avoid John. “Just lend whatever left in your bank. When I make profit, I promise I will return the money I own from you and not only that, I will share the profit with you.” Said John while trying to sit closer to Sam. “I shall lend you another five thousand but please, promise me that you will return me the money as soon as possible. As you know, I lost my jobs and my family need money so…” John suddenly start talking to cut what Sam is talking. “Alright, alright, I promise you. Don’t you believe me when we have over ten years of friendship? Just go to the bank now and take the money for me now. I need the money now and now means now!” John voice getting louder and louder without thinking what will people thinks of him and as if Sam own him money when he is the one who own Sam money. They both make their way to the bank and Sam lends John five thousand dollars in cash.

Few months latter, Sam had owned lots of bills and he still cannot find a job to support his family. Latter on, he also found out that John did not use the money he lend on business but on the gamble table. Sam was really angry about it and one night, he went to John house and asked him to return.

Sam asked John to return him the money he lends at this very second. However, John did not care what Sam was saying because he lost all the money just now and he totally no mood to talk about this money issues anymore. “Can you just stop it? Did you find yourself every irritating? Almost everyday call me to return you your money. You did not feel tried, but I feel so tried after hearing the same old thing again and again!” shouted John. “ I know you did not use the money for business. You ended your business few years ago. Why you lied to me? Why? I truest you so much as we have over ten years of friendship but you, made me so disappointed” said Sam while John is still continue ignored Sam. “Can you just shut up? I am now thinking how to earn my money back from gamble.” Said John. Sam just can’t believe his eyes that his friend for over ten year had turn into this. Sam tries to talk to John but when he got nearer to John, he used a fruit knife found on the table to stab him. While stabbing Sam, John shouted “Why you have to keep telling my to return you your money? If I kill you, I forever no need to return you your money! Kill you! Kill you!” After thirteen stabs, John realised what he is doing and he dropped the knife and the man tears roll down from John eyes. “I am really sorry. I should not do this to you. After all our ten years of friendship. I am so sorry…” however, Sam did not heard it because his last breathing before John realised what he is doing.

Friendship cannot be measure but one mistake can lose over tens years of friendship forever.

Written by : Yong Kian (YK)

An Emergency

“It had been a long and tired day for our shopping!” say Jane to her friend May who had shop for the whole day to buy birthday present for one of their friend’s birthday. They both wait at the taxi stand for taxi. Finally the taxi came and they both hope into the taxi.

“Where are you both going?” said the old taxi driver. “We are going to Tampines street 91. Thank you.” And there, they start their journey, a journey they never expected.

They enjoy the air con in the taxi, happily joking and laughing and suddenly, Jane saw a pregnant lady and her husband was waiting for taxi. The husband look very worries, the pregnant lady use had hand to support the stomach, looks like very painful. “Oh no! That lady is going to give birth!” said May and they both ask the taxi driver to go back and pick the two people up.

When the husband and that lady were in the taxi, the husband keep thank them for what they did. However, there was a traffic jam at the highway. They will go to have their next challenge. They got stuck in between the cars, cars are moving slowly and that lady is greatly in pain until she fainted once what they are on the way to the hospital. Everybody in the taxi don’t know what to do but the old taxi driver knows, he told them the step and etc to make her feel more better when the lady was awake. “If you wish good advice, consult an old man.” Now Jane knows the meaning of it. Things were doing great except for the traffic. They are praying, praying for the safety of both mother and the child, someone who can help them at that time.

Maybe someone hears their prayer, a traffic police just went pass and he saw what was happening in the taxi. After asking a few question, the traffic police said, “Follow behind me. I will make way for you to reach the hospital as fast as possible.”

Soon, they reach KK hospital. The lady was pain until no strength to walk. The nurse brings a wheel chair for her. The husband came to them and said thank you and they reply, “You are welcome, now go and wait for you good news.” And they leave happily.

When the came out of the hospital, they saw something! The old taxi driver was waiting for them. The old driver said, “Come, I free send your home.”

Written by: Yong Kian (YK)

Saturday, June 04, 2005


Enjoy your time reading! Stories that have "Written by: Yong Kian (YK)" in the end are not allow to take without permission.

Strangers In The Crowd
An Emergency
The Day I Got Caught
“The Reason”: Base on the song “The Reason” by Hoobastank.

Strangers In The Crowd

- - - >Strangers In The Crowd< - - -

She walked into yet another boutique, the one you would just glance through the display glass and dare not to enter. Even a pair of pants cost you two months salary. But this woman, in her middle thirties, already had three large paper bags from Gucci. Plus, she was wrapped from head to toe in designer labels - the latest collection of Versace and a pair of Stuart Weiszman’s. And so, she was welcomed into the store with the sweetest smiles and the warmest greetings ever.

But nobody knows, she spent her time spending her husband’s money to forget the emptiness she felt inside. Her husband, a successful entrepreneur, was always busy with his work, and had no space for anyone except his business associates. She had no children to fill her life with joy and wonders. Most of the time, she was always alone. Thus, she picked this crowded place, among all these people, to get through her day. Maybe then, she wouldn’t feel so alone.

But to the people around her, she’s just another stranger in the crowd.

A young teenage boy had just finished his extra class in school, and was heading back home. He was standing in the bus, looking out the window at the passing cars, the buildings and the people. But he wasn’t really watching them. He was there, but somehow, he was not.

In his mind, he was already home – back in the small cluttered space of the flat where he lived with his parents and his two younger sisters. His mother wouldn’t be there to greet him home, or fixed him his lunch, or asked him of his day. She would be at someone else’s house, cleaning and mopping the floor, even though her back hurt like hell. His father would be at home, but he would be lying at his bed all day long, conscious of his surrounding but unable to move a single limb. His father was paralyzed for life.

This boy stood there in the bus, silent amidst all of the people who looked just as tired and worn out. He stood there as he watched blankly out the window.

And yes, he’s just another stranger in the crowd.

A man was waiting at the side of the road, along with a handful of other people, for the traffic light to turn green for pedestrians to cross. There were already a few strands of grey hair amidst his thinning hair and his hands were in the trousers’ pockets. His right hand touched something solid. It was his daughter’s charm bracelet. He gripped it hard as if he wouldn’t let go. But he had to let go. He had to let her go.

His 14-year-old daughter had died of cancer. He was there when she took her last breath and he just couldn’t toss away the image of her struggling so hard to gasp for air as the pain built up. He watched how her daughter faded day by day. Her mischievous grin, her girly giggles, her sweet smile, was all consumed by the growing tumor in her brain. He could no longer recognize his beautiful daughter, as she lied on the hospital bed, most of the time unconscious by some powerful drugs that were supposed to bring down the pain. But soon, even the drugs could not help.

The traffic light turned green, and the green walking pedestrian in the box made everybody to cross the street in a hurry. He walked along with these people while his hand never left the bracelet in his pocket, just as his heart could never left the memory of his daughter. There was a large scar in his heart, but you couldn’t see it.

Because he’s just another stranger in the crowd.

Everybody has their own story to tell. I have walked in the crowd and wondered on the life beyond those laughing faces, behind the sad eyes, through the quiet looks. Was there a story of courage or failure behind those masks that we put on our face every morning when we wake up? Was today a great day or a bad day? Did someone win or break her heart?

We all have our own stories to tell - even if we are just another stranger in the crowd.

Written by: Unknown


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Wednesday, June 01, 2005

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