Tuesday, November 01, 2005

It’s time.

Now 12.00AM, of 1 Nov 2005. I sadly to announce to leave YKWorkPlace and move on to Bilingual Finger. Go there and take a look, and remember to change your bookmark, your homepage, your link to the new blog, the RSS Feed. Change whatever thing that is related to this blog to the new blog. Okay? No longer updating this blog liao. Hope to see you in the New Blog, Bilingual Fingers.

How it looks like:

Bilingual Fingers

Monday, October 31, 2005

Rojak Post

Better don't read this...I scare yor don't come again...

Actually I wanted to talk about new name of Internet, but I moved it to the new blog. Then wanted to blog about my blogging feeling, but I think I ended up writing very sad way. So I stopped it. So what am I going to blog???!! I really don’t know. I moved everything to the new blog. Die, latter nobody come to my blog and read how???

So here, I would like to cognate Lizard got tomorrowed again. Why???? Why people around me got tomorrowed but I haven’t, never mind I will work harder in new blog to get tomorrowed. Ha! Ha!

Next, I would like to thanks all my blog reader, your had made me happiest man in the world. I mean, this blog is the only blog that has a lot of people reading the blog. And 95% of the blog reader are people who I don’t know them in real world or some even not online! Thank you for reading. I know this few days from the exam period my blog post isn’t nice anymore but I promises, in new blog, normal blogging will be back! Please, support…If not very dry also not very nice.

Before ending this post (I really got no idea what to blog…please forgive me…), I want to sound everyone that in new blog, it will not be 100% Chinese. There will be a translated version also (Translated by me). So don’t worry too much if you don’t understand Chinese, Okay? From what I know, 40% of the reader here is non-Malay, latter I lost this 40% how? So don’t worry, Bilingual Blogger leh…BILINGUAL…it means equal standard of both language.

Ok, I know this post like rojak like that. Mixed together, but new blog will server a better blogging, and your as a reader will not only just reader, but also doing something. So please take part.

Going to said goodbye to this Blog, the next blog will if you direction of how to go to the next blog...Sad...Sad... :(

What the hell I am posting???!!!

Sunday, October 30, 2005

Moving House...

“Bilingual Blogger”, when Lizard introduce me this big word “Bilingual”, I though it is Biling ual, two separated words. *sigh* want to blame, blame on my low standard of English. I never saw this big word before.

So yeah, I will be a Bilingual Blogger soon, a new blog will be up soon, a new life, a new journey will start. I can’t totally be change to Chinese Blogger because it will not fit the purpose of me stating a blog in the first place. And also, I can’t be a total English Blogger because my Chinese standard will drop. And also, Sam (A teacher I know online) said I can improve my English by translating Chinese to English, provided using the right word. I am now using thousands, millions of ways to improve my English. I hope “Bilingual Blogger” way will help to improve my both language, especially English.

In the new blog, I might even sing (Yes, but not confirm yet.), story for your pressure and etc. A lot of things will be there for your, me blog, your participate by doing what you should do(tag...). Please, your have to participate if not my “Bilingual Blogger” way will be very dry. Please, take part, have fun!

But before leaving this blog, this blog brings me a lot of memory. This blog at first is a blog that wrote down what happen in my school and serve as a website with study notes and etc. Then after people had told me that it’s very dry, so I ended up posting things in my own fun ways which got quite of a lot positive feedback. I must thanks to people who had helped me to make this blog not dry at all and people had been tagging, leaving comment in my blog. I am not famous Blogger like Mr. Brown or XiaXue, but those little comments and tags had already made me feel that I am already a successful Blogger. And of course, this is the blog where a lot of people tagging (from the starting of writing blog in my own fun way.) and not like other pass blog, yongkian and skyblueyk. Thanks everyone, If not your, there is no today’s YK… (What kind of English is that??!!)

Bilingual Finger is schedule to open on 1 November 2005, by that time your really must read my blog more often and tag more often also. The new blog will support Chinese tag-board, using UTF-8 encoding.

New Bilingual Finger Template

Thanks everyone

Thanks for everyone concern, advises, etc, etc. I am feeling better now and start to study my next year work.

My problem now is having eye problem, that had caused me can’t see properly. When I have my eye check on Friday, no matter what, I can’t read the last few lines of the number. Doctor said no matter what powerful lens they give me I also cannot read, and it caused by my problem. If this continues, at about age 18, I will go blind.

So this eye problem is actually caused by my bad habit. Lack of sleep, read books by lying on bed, sometime sleep with contact lens on my eye is some of the causes for my eye problem. Image everyday I only have about 2 to 4 hours of sleep and have to wake up early to go to school, and sometimes I can study half way and went doze with my contact lens on. So those are some of the reason. Now the doctor advice is that they will make a spectacle for me that will only be ready on Wednesday(yea, still have a long time to go), and for the time being don’t wear contact lens until my eyes are fully recover. There are chances of recovery by itself, but it depends on my luck, and of cause stops my bad habit of my eyes now. It may still continue to get worst and one day I will be walking with a stick.

Don’t worry guys, I keep telling myself that it can recover, so do your. Okay? We never know, next time when I go back for checkup, the doctor said “Em…your eyes are nothing wrong now.”

Here would like to thanks JC, Meiqi, Zhengui, AJ, QingHui. sesamii, Ning, my mom, my dad, and of course Lizard who give me a lot of help during the pass few days. I am feeling alright now. Let’s hope, that everything will goes smooth, and alright.

Saturday, October 29, 2005

Blind at 18

Actually today I want to blog about last day of school. I even planed what to blog about while I was on the way home. I went for a check up after school and something horrible there. It is horrible, shocking in my life.

As you can see the title of the blog entry, “Blind at 18”. This is something I want to said, I need to said, but really don’t dare to release my feeling in real life. I am going blind at age 18. This is what the doctor told me. I almost cried on that spot, my heart is nearly broken. How can this happen to me?

How this does not happen to others? I am still young; I still got a lot of things to do. How can I g bind? Why it is so unfair to me? I am now trying to do the best, but why I am going blind? Why when I going to see the result of my hard work, I got this type of problem? Why? Why? Why?

I didn’t say anything at that spot, just listen to what doctor said and carry out as follow. I know I did say that I don’t really believe doctors words. But I really don’t know what to do; my mind is at a blank. After leaving the place, I still didn’t say any words, went to a bakery shop, look at the cakes, the bread. Tying to remember how they look like, just in case I can’t see all those things again forever. I really don’t know what to do, I am really feel lost now. I wonder how I am going to get out of this maze, and will the sunlight is always there for me to see.

I have been told myself “there is always hope. Doctor even said that sometimes this can recover by itself. I might be one of those people.” But will those words come true? I really have no idea how much time do I have left to see things around me. After I blind, will I still remember those things I saw, will I dieing to see those items again? I really don’t know, I am really in a lost.

I feel better now; maybe blog is a way of me pouring my feeling. I wonder how my parents feel now. No matter what, life still have to goes on, I really must take the remaining time to see what I want to see for example the “Great Wall Of China”. I got to sleep now, hope to see the sunshine again tomorrow….

Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Why Sick?

Have quite a long time done really post what I want. But I am on the way of recovering from my sickness. And today, I shall make a blog post before I lost all my Blog Reader.

Sometimes I wonder why people have to be sick. Can’t we stay healthy from birth to death? What caused people to be sick. Why sometimes when people sick, it will lead to the person to the graveyard?

Yea, this stupid YK is asking a lot of stupid question now….but I really want to know why.

Maybe because I am often sick with high fever, cold, plus something I hate the most, “bone cold”. And mind you, it is not a good feeling okay? Especially “bone cold” where I can’t even move, my bone is feeling cold as if this hot Singapore is having snow. Sometimes I got no choice to roll on the floor try to be more comfortable with the “bone cold”. (Truest me, it will help, I am an expert for “bone cold”) But still nothing is better than healthy.

Maybe I am a guy who work too much, a guy who this and that also want to care, a guy who everything said “OK!” when people need my help, that’s why I am a guy who always sick!

Talking about sick, when you sick you go and see doctor right? (Not for me, YK sick stay in room and let it recover by itself) Sometimes I wonder do your really believe doctor words or not? Do your really do what doctor says? That doesn’t mean if doctor ask you to die, you really go to die. Doctor doesn’t say such words, okay? I mean if they ask you to rest, do you really rest? I dare to bet that your do not carry out what they said. If your do, I chop down my head and let your sit! Why I so sure, because I am one of them who don’t listen to doctors. We got our work, our family to take care of, where got time to rest?!? That’s why we don’t really listen to doctor advises. By the way, mom said do more work sick will recover faster. Maybe its true, your can go and try it our. I did more work by reading more blog…Ha! Ha! Ha!

Ok, I know this post doesn’t make any sense at all, but can you see the date? Today is 27 of October, and I had been spending days typing this entry. And sick people can’t think too much, so here is my sorry. Posting a entry that make some sense soon, really soon. Sorry, Sorry, Sorry….

Singapore don’t have law that when Blogger blog something that is senseless, they have to go to jail one right? I scare Singapore got all those funny laws. So if have, please, please don’t call police, Okay?

(Last paragraph is just for joking use only… -_-)

Blog Tomorrow...

Tomorrow blog can? I too sick, and tomorrow still got school. Sorry, Sorry. Please accept my apology, will reply your message in tag board by tomorrow.